X-Play: Resistance 2 8 Man Co-Op

X-Play goes in depth with the 8-Man Co-Op mode, one of the sweetest and most anticipated features of Resistance 2.

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cahill4655d ago

i will play 2 player co-op of Gears of war

big scale and big bosses??

no thanks i will play smaller scaled Gears 2 with 30/40 feet bosses

40 feet brumack is bigger than 300 feet LEV

aiphanes4655d ago

Hey Cahill do you have a PS3...add me as a friend...

ReTarDedFisHy4655d ago

Your sarcasm is the best I've seen on teh Internets. :D
You deserve 50,000,000,000 M$ Points.

San anto4655d ago (Edited 4655d ago )


FBl4655d ago

This ain't no "Gears of Four",aHAhaHAhHAahAhahaHH AhaHAhaHah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!