God Wars Shipped Over 200,000 Copies Worldwide for PS4, Nintendo Switch, and PS Vita

Today Kadokawa Games announced that its strategy JRPG God Wars: Future Past shipped over 200,000 copies worldwide for PS4, Vita, and Switch.

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prankster10113d ago (Edited 13d ago )

In other words... More copies than Zelda BotW.

pietro121213d ago

Is it any good? I've thinking about picking up the Switch copy.

Abriael13d ago

If you like very classic style strategy JRPGs yes, it's good

Father__Merrin13d ago

I've got this on ps4 still not played it. It's a grid based turn based jsrpg

tulholdren13d ago

I'm enjoying it on the PS4. With so many games on my PS4 I try to give each some love. Only got like 3 hours in so far I'm liking it.

AizenSosuke13d ago

It's fantastic right now to play.