Metro Exodus Getting Photo Mode on Day 1

Deep Silver has revealed that Metro Exodus will be receiving a Photo Mode on day one. Allowing you to capture the Russian Wasteland on your travels.

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chris23575d ago

really don‘t like this series but it seems like the disappointed generic shooterfans will finally get their postapocalyptic „fallout76“ with this game. from what i saw this is what f76 should have been.

HellzAssassin75d ago (Edited 75d ago )

I can not fucking wait for this. Metro is one of my personal favourite FPS franchises out there, and Exodus just looks absolutely astonishing in every sense! Granted, I'm sick of most FPS's nowadays, but once in a while, an FPS game comes along that wins me over. Metro is one of them. I've got my Aurora Deluxe edition pre-ordered! Rage 2, Atomic Heart and Doom are up next.