Former IGN Editor Gives Fresh Information on The Last of Us Part II Release Date

Former IGN Editor, Alanah Pearce, may have just let slip Sony's plans for releasing The Last of Us Part II.

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mikeslemonade7d ago

TLoU 2 should have already came out already by skipping UC4 all together. Dissapointing we have to wait until the end of the generation to experience the best games like GTA and TLoU.

TGGJustin8d ago

I mean I'm not sure someone at IGN would really have that information but wait and see I guess.

Army_of_Darkness8d ago ShowReplies(2)
Sgt_Slaughter8d ago

She left IGN a while ago, this site just didn't bother to research

Smok918d ago

It’s in the title. “former”

Remember when people would actually read?

Sgt_Slaughter8d ago

Wasn't that way originally when I viewed the article, so I'm not wrong.

sander97028d ago

After Days Gone but might avoid holiday so probably autumn release.

Christopher8d ago

September/October is prime spot typically. I'm thinking Days Gone, Dreams mid-year, TLoUP2 end of year. Others sprinkled in there. If TLoUP2 is end of year, though, Ghost is definitely early 2020 (March-ish).

mkis0078d ago (Edited 8d ago )

How so? The time sucker punch has been free is longer than naughty dog. Druckman worked on Uncharted 4 and then started TLou2

Christopher8d ago (Edited 8d ago )


Few things.

1. ND has two studios worth of people. They are working on TLoUP2 and an unreleased title that most believe is the next Uncharted game. But the main focus is currently on TLoUP2. Sucker Punch is a much smaller studio, less than half of what ND has in total (ND has over 500, SP has about 200).
2. Development of TLoUP2 began before U4 was finished, it just grew in size and overall effort after U4 was completed as senior persons were reassigned as needed, including Druckman. Tons of work on engine, gameplay, modeling, writing, etc. can be done without Druckman.
3. Sucker Punch is working on an entirely new IP as opposed to building on an established IP. That means a few things, from them having to test various new IP concepts and present them to Sony for 'approval' to them having to go through many versions of gameplay concepts and ideas. We don't know if Ghost was their first attempt at a new game or if they started on something, spent a year in it, and it was decided that it wasn't going to work so they had to go back to finding a new IP idea.

As a side note, this will also be SP's first completely new IP since joining Sony. They were bought after inFamous and only made those games thereafter. But this is the first new IP from them since joining Sony, which might be a bit of a learning curve for a team that has coasted in inFamouse since last generation.

Edit: I modified the above to remove #4 and combine it with #1 as I was pretty much saying the same thing, just slightly different.

milohighclub7d ago

Christopher, who thinks naughty dog are working in the next uncharted game? ND have clearly stated they are done with uncharted and will not be returning to the franchise any time soon.

Christopher7d ago

***will not be returning to the franchise any time soon.***

2021 will be four years between U4 and whatever ND is working on. I think that is outside the realm of "any time soon".

As to whom? Most people in the smallest industry wondering about the crew of people hired in the last year to work on an untitled game with ND.

To be honest, I seriously hope it's not an Uncharted game.

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ArchangelMike8d ago

I think there's a very good chanceTLOU2 will release this year. I think it'll be out sometime in the 4th quarter before PSX in December.

rainslacker8d ago

If that were the case, I could understand why Sony may not have revealed the release date yet. Doing so could distract from Days Gone, and since people seem to want to say they're the same when they're really not, it could negatively affect sales of that game.

DigitalHope8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

That would actually be Q3 if it was in Oct, Nov or Dec. A lot of big games are coming out Q4 this year which is why Days Gone was moved the Q1 of 2019. Historically Sony has dropped a big game in Q4 (God of War, Horizon) to have astrong showing at the end of the fiscal year. Seems some of the other publishers have caught on and I assume Sony isn’t too worried about not having a strong final quarter of 2018 with Anthem and Divison 2 coming out. With Days Gone moved to Q1 2019 (April, May, June) I would assume Last of Us part 2 moves to Q2 2019 (July, August, Sept) to have a massive showing throughout the year. Like Sony would want to avoid Q3 because that is a strong month where they let marketing deals with 3rd party carry the load. This is why Sony generally drops exclusives in the off months. Look at 2018 for example God of War Q4 2017, Detroit Q1 2018, Spider-Man Q2 2018, Red Dead, COD marketing Q3 2018. I’m a little worried about Days Gone being moved but hopefully it’s not a big deal. I’m not a PlayStation Rep but I am a Sony rep and that kind of how the company works.

Edit. I’m wrong on God of War I thought it released in March and it actually released in April making it Q1 2018. I’m blanking on if Sony actually releases anything through Jan to March of 2018.

Edit 2: Shadow of the Colossus was the big drop in Q4 2017 along with a bunch of good VR games.

ArchangelMike8d ago

I hear you, although obviously you realise I was not talking about the financial quarter, but the actual monthly fourth quarter of the year, but I agree with you anyway and I like your analysis :)

I think it was smart of Sony to move Days Gone to April, February was just way too crowded with games like Crackdown, Anthem, Mertro Exodus etc. If they give it the polish it deserves I think it will do well as the first big Playstation exclusive of the year.

DigitalHope7d ago (Edited 7d ago )

My apologies sir haha, my mind always works in fiscal months, but that’s just the business. I can’t say much on Days Gone because I’ve had no hands on time but I am friends with the PlayStation Rep in my territory and he was at a Rep conference in Vegas like late summer. He did get hands on time and said it would be a game to watch out for. So I hope he’s right!

Regardless I don’t think Last of Us part 2 will be out Oct, Nov, or Dec. Likely it will fall somewhere July to Sept.

DrumBeat8d ago

I hope so. This is my most anticipated game. I definitely see it releasing this year. With the new console generation around the corner, I'm pretty sure they'd want to release it before 2020, as it's been advertised so far as a PS4 game.

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