Battlefield V Has Problems: Here's A List of Its Issues

Screen Rant writes an op-ed: "What should be the best shooter is missing so much."

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2pacalypsenow791d ago (Edited 791d ago )

"Netcode issues with shots registering. There are too frequently instances of players being shot despite running behind cover, or shooting someone close range for shots not to register at all."


I also hate having to wait forever to bleed out, since no one help in that game and no one revives you.

BoneMagnus791d ago

You can speed up the rate you bleed out if no one is near.

2pacalypsenow790d ago

I do, and it's still too slow. Since you still need to wait after and pick your spawn point

BenRC01790d ago

Play cod, it's loads better this year

lillekolibri791d ago

There should be a law that makes it impossible to release games that are far from finished. It's a fucking scam.

Sono421790d ago

The only issue with that is define "Finished" it kind of varies game to game. I agree that only finished games should release, but the wording of the law needs to be very careful.

Arty84791d ago

1. Netcode
2. The assignment/ tide of war tracking..people missing out on unlocks.Since week 2

kevnb791d ago

I bet they knew about the issues and used politics to change the subject.

Jls1791d ago

As long as people keep buying unfinished games, devs have no reason to change

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