Microsoft Next-Gen Strategy Leaks and Why is Sony Quiet?

Leonid Melikhov: Join us on The Primal Podcast Episode #19 - Microsoft Next-Gen strategy is starting to get leaked and we discuss why Sony has been so quiet as well.

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porkChop10d ago

Sony's quiet because they're in the lead. They know they don't have to say or do anything just yet. Xbox had a poor performance this gen. They need to openly make moves and discuss next gen in order to change brand perception before next gen starts.

darthv7210d ago

Sony only recently went quiet though. That is usually indicative of them hard at work getting things in check for a reveal. MS went quite some time ago and then came out with a slew of announcements pertaining to studio acquisitions. Almost all companies go radio silent at some point to focus on upcoming announcements.

XabiDaChosenOne9d ago

Microsoft has not been quiet all gen.

gravedigger9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

Microsoft was never quiet, instead MS execs were barking left and right throughout this whole gen on social media.

Nobody can't forget DX12 and power of the cloud crap. LOL

ILostMyMind9d ago

Almost two tweets per day on Microsoft camp. It is not quiet at all.

darthv729d ago

Guess you guys forgot all about last year. They were pretty quiet up until E3 which is when they opened up about new studio ventures and other things related to moving forward. Since then they have been vocal but yes... there was a time they were pretty hush hush last year.

Sony was getting all the press and talking about games and such while MS was silent and people (on here) were wondering what happened. then all of a sudden E3 rolls around and MS was all open to talk about what they have been doing to address the issues and havent stopped talking / tweeting.

rainslacker9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

It is the holiday's. Maybe they're all off visiting family or something.

Although, they did have some stuff about Dreams being talked about the past couple weeks. Otherwise, outside an occasional interview, or random twitter comment, or their weekly blog posts, they usually only talk when they have games coming out.

It's nothing out of the ordinary for Sony to remain relatively quiet for months at a time. And since Sony hasn't been talking about the next gen other than to say they're making something all gen, it's not really indicative of anything that they're getting things in check for the reveal.

MS talks twice as much as Nintendo and Sony combined, and Nintendo talks more than Sony, although they usually both focus on the games when they do talk.

And I didn't forget that MS was pretty quiet up to E3 of last year....because they weren't. Hybb and Spencer were making the rounds almost daily as I recall. I recall a different series of events than you do, because I remember it was about the first time I started calling out Spencer who couldn't let Sony release a game without saying something congratulatory, sometimes with a backhanded compliment, or trying to make it about Xbox somehow.

Silly gameAr9d ago

MS hasn't been quiet all gen.

darthv729d ago

@rain, making congratulatory comments about games from sony is not what I'm talking about. I'm saying they kept quiet about the issues of lack of games, exclusives and studios that most everyone else was hammering them on last year and then some. They didnt address the problem until E3, so yes... they kept things pretty tight lipped on that subject until they were ready to talk about it.

Sony isnt being quiet about other stuff, just about the PS5. They will talk about games in development and coming out next year but they are being tight lipped about the PS5 which IS indicative that they are working on it.

BehindTheRows9d ago

No, Microsoft has never been quiet. They are absolutely right.

OT: People seem to forget Sony went quiet just before the reveal of the PS4. We saw what happened there. There are much more strategic than they get credit for and I'm confident it will pay off again.

Potnoodle9998d ago

BAHAHAHA Power of the cloud, totally forgot about that shit😂

starchild8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

Now you're fighting over which company has been quieter? Is that the new console warrior battleground? Nah nah nah my company has been quieter than yours! Haha you guys are a riot.

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pyroxxx9d ago

Ms is barking all the time,.. they are only quiet when it comes to real sales,..

paintedgamer19849d ago (Edited 9d ago )

Real sales 😂 so true my dude...

Ms (Phillip Spencer):

Yeah we are having the best year for xbox in its history with more people using gamepass and spending 10000s of hours online its just incredible.


So how many xb1 or xb1x would you say youve sold?😬




Media boss steps in... jim you know you werent supposed to ask that question😂

travestyj9d ago

Yeah exactly. Sony wants you focusing on the present while they are killing it with the PS4 and don't want people focusing on PS5. Microsoft want people focusing on next gen because the Xbox One is an awful platform and there's only so much manipulation they can do to trick people into buying one.

DaveZero9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

Oh dont be such a plonker rodders!!

an awful platform🤣 check yourself into a mental institute.

travestyj9d ago

Yeah it has the worst lineup of exclusives of all time and the original Xbox One and Xbox One S are both weak. Yeah there's the X which is a waste because it'll only be the most powerful for another year or two. It isn't worth the investment

fyiir239d ago

awful... they don't have the games but the system and hardware is much better. PS4 was and is still receiving updates in their OS with features that Xbox had on day one.

travestyj9d ago

The original Xbox One hardware is awful and the system as a whole is awful. Xbox is still receiving features PS4 has since launch as well like mouse and keyboard support. PS4 has background music years before Xbox as well. Does the Xbox store even have a shopping cart yet?

Latex749d ago

No one gets tricked into buying an Xbox one this is just trolling at it's lowest

opc8d ago


if they don't have the games.... nothing else matters.

paintedgamer19848d ago (Edited 8d ago )

So true,


If a plonker rodder means calling ms out on their bs im a plonker rodder too!

Haaliax8d ago

Xbox has the best graphics and best services. Ps4 has better exclusives. Xbox is not awful, just that ps4 has a few games that xbox doesnt and they are great, but ps4 loses in everything else against x1x

skiggy348d ago

Heroine kills man. I own every console but your SOny only fans really crack me up. Practically every game on PS4 is a single player game that ends in a weekend. Sure they are good games but worthless once they are done. I rarely ever play my PS4 because I'll get the newest game, play it then dust collects. At least with my xbox one X I'm still playing Halo 5 (updated in 4k), I am still playing Gears 4, I am still playing State of Decay 2 and FH4. When I am not playing those I am playing games that have been updated in 4k on backwards compat. Games I didnt play last gen or even the gen prior. Then I have gamepass that has a ton of games I have never played.
So you all need to get out of this bubble you are all in thinking the world revolves around PS. IMO PS is the most boring out of the 3 as of right now...

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DaveZero9d ago

Just because ms are not beating Sony in sales, doesn't mean that they have had a poor performance. MS have more than performed this gen in many other areas Sony have not. It goes to show with comments like that above that this place is pro Sony.

Sony have done great, but not perfect, not brilliant and can be toppled if the moves are rite by other developers Not that it's a console war anyway, that went out when sega and Nintendo finished there's. Numbers are for fanboys boasting that who's is biggest sale numbers which you all should know by now does not mean better performance (hint hint) 🤣

BlackTar1879d ago (Edited 9d ago )

Ps3 vs 360 was 10000x the size of Nintendo vs Sega.

You're delusional

Performance <<<<<<< games

trooper_9d ago

Performed in areas that's not related to actual games that people CARE about.


NXFather9d ago

Even though Sony will win next gen for sure, they went quite cuz they know the gpu is on equivalent to a gtx 1080. And with 4k needing 4 times the flops of the base game development numbers like 2 to 8, there will not be an actual jump next gen. Instead it will be like a AAA vs a AA or AAA to AAAA. No point in hyping an emotion engine or reality synthesizer they don't have. Just put of great games and go from there.

fyiir239d ago

Sony is quiet because they are snakes. Just how they ripped away their camera and $500 price tag after everyone boo'd MS. lil Sony snakes

Zeke689d ago

Phil Spencer is that you?

Mr_Writer858d ago



Poor trolling, must try harder.

fyiir238d ago (Edited 8d ago )

@zeke lmao you got me!!! but it's Don not Phil. I left Phil with the garbage to clean up. I'm sorry for all that tv stuff. It was a mistake. You forgive me?

fyiir238d ago

@mr_writer lol no one is trolling. Go watch the conference again. They announced the ps4 with an image including the camera. Every one knows what they did. They were smart for it.

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trooper_9d ago


Sony's doing very well. They don't need to reveal plans immediately to stay relevant.

kevnb9d ago

Microsoft did fine this gen, its just that sony did amazing.

paintedgamer19849d ago (Edited 9d ago )

Yes, even if they end somewhere around 55 mil thats much better than most consoles on the list and effectively outselling most consoles not including wii/switch, playstation consoles... thats not bad. But ill never be tricked into buying another anything from ms and judging by the sales difference between xb1 and ps4 this gen im not the only 1. I bet theyve lost 40-50% of their install base this gen. When factoring that, they are not doing fine. They are on a steep decline and only when nov came did i actually see a massive growth in hw sales. Instead of an ever falling decline since forever

Mr_Writer858d ago (Edited 8d ago )


I wouldn't call losing a huge market share fine.

And I doubt any business would see that as anything close to a positive.

bouzebbal9d ago

Sony destroyed xbox this gen by revealing PS4 much earlier than next 360.. Remember the rumors were going towards 360 successor being revealed first.. Sony took them by surprise and xbox had to rush to reveal for e3 same year.. Their clumsiness was staggering.. Strategy wasn't clear to anyone and PR morons were making things much worse.

The same might happen again, cause Sony is prepping for a reveal of PS5, no doubt abt that since they changed and canceled the major game showings for this year. They don't need to spend money on e3 to show tlou2.. They don't need to promote any PS4 software anymore they have been the absolute king this gen.

Let's not forget that xbox just released x1x, a mid gen upgrade which was actually revealed as being a true tech monster. they have put lots of resources into it, don't see them revealing new machine in 19 already.

DarXyde9d ago

I don't think Microsoft did poorly. Compared to Sony, sure, but they're still pretty profitable. Definitely not a poor performance.

I am of the opinion that Microsoft is getting a feel for the public reaction to their direction and strategy.

Sony really crushed it this time. Hopefully, they continue (and improve!) their present strategy. They're great, but they can definitely improve.

porkChop8d ago

Microsoft sold more than enough consoles for the Xbox One to be successful, but they lost half their market share. That's really what I was referring to, as well as quite a few of their games underperforming.

BadElf8d ago

The most sensible comment. ANyone that takes this to another level is a Sony/MS fanboy.
Makes sense....Sony was GLIDING through comfortably this Holiday season...especially with the last year they had, with game releases.

Everyone knows(MS especially) that this gen will be considered a poor the future. MS needs to get us going for next gen....I'm ready!

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Tross10d ago

I would assume it's because running your mouth early is not an advantage in this industry. Sony can now hear what MS is doing and either carry on or decide to tweak their strategy accordingly. Given that this is MS we're talking about, they will probably go with the former, but it still gives them a leg up that MS doesn't have. Also, is there a rule that a company needs to talk about what it's planning? I get that we live in an age of instant gratification, but just because a lot of people post their whole life story on Facebook and Twitter doesn't mean corporations are obligated to do so. They can announce stuff when they see fit, but it's a perfectly valid decision if they choose not to spill everything, especially not this far in advance.

rainslacker9d ago

Could be that MS is relaying false information, to get Sony to make the first move, or think they don't have to move, then BAM!!!!, MS comes in and does something completely different and Sony is left to scramble. So, sometimes, running your mouth could be an advantage. Although, in this case, I doubt the people at MS are really that clever to try and trick their competitors like that, because as it is, Sony is just going to be making the console they want to make.

In any case, these companies have a good idea of what the other is working towards long before the reveals come out. They may not know details like exact specs, policies, release/reveal date, or price point, but they will have a reasonable ability to survey what's happening in the industry and around it to determine what might be coming. Plus, despite NDA's being pretty serious in the industry, it's not really that hard to get information from a loose tongue, and all these companies have lots of connections. May not be ethical, but it happens.

Purrfection9d ago

Microsoft is on their way to be valued at 1 TRILLION dollars soon. I think they are clever enough.

It's always a good laugh here seeing so many try and trash them every day.

TheEnigma3139d ago

Ms is worth that much not the xbox division. MS has that money because of their os not xbox don’t get it twisted.

rainslacker8d ago


Yeah. Good for them. Not really relevant to my comment, and XBox isn't bringing them in those billions. They didn't get that way by being clever. They got that way by bullying the industry when PC started becoming more necessary, and buying out the competition to shut them down. You know. all those anti-competative processes they got hit with back in the 90's. They have plenty of fails, and MS is often pretty easy to see through.

neutralgamer19929d ago

While I agree I think if Sony or Ms wants to know about each other they can ask any of the big publishers. By now most big publishers have Dev kits or general specs for what next ps and Xbox will be

badz1499d ago (Edited 9d ago )

what? you do know there's a thing called NDA, right?

RememberThe3579d ago

Doesn't mean people won't talk. Gotta think there's at least some corporate spying going on, right?

neutralgamer19929d ago

Come on man you really think if Sony wants to know about next Xbox or vice versa a nda wouldn't change much

My original comment was regarding Ms leaking these specs to confuse Sony

PhoenixUp10d ago

Sony let’s their actions speak for themselves. They have nothing to prove since people know their console will provide most of the year’s best games on it once again

mcstorm9d ago

It depends on what type of games your are into as a racing fan the ps4 has lacked this gen its also lacked on the fPS front to.

For me I feel the ps4 and xbox one have both lacked in exclusives compaired to last gen.

NXFather9d ago

Yeah and next gen they will lack in power. They will only be 8 tflops. And even if it was 16 that would only allow base development to be 2 as good graphically in 4k not 10 or even 6. As in 4 tflop times 4 to get native 4k. Just like 2 tflops now times 2 for the pro gives checkerboard 4k. Atleast the framerate will be good hopefully.

Dragonscale9d ago

@nx, you seem to know an awful lot considering you actually know nothing of Sony's plans lol.

zeuanimals9d ago

Overall though, you have to admit the PS4 has way more going for it. MS only has racers and shooters and as a racing fan, I don't need a new racer every year. Sony has racers, shooters, character action/hack and slash games, RPGs, and Spiderman. They've got their bases covered.

mcstorm8d ago

@zeuanimals I agree Sony have more in terms of what they offer but not all have been as good as last gen and I also feel we have seen alot less new ips from both of them and they are playing it more safe with god of ware, gears, halo, GT, Forza, UC ect.

Last gen Sony had some great new excuses like LBP, MNR, psasbr MS had Gears, Horizon ect.

I still think both offer good games this gen but I fell both last to last gen it is each to there own though.

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gangsta_red10d ago

The leaks about MS have been been pretty much the same just reported constantly by different sites.

We know that the rumor is a discless cheap Xbox One S, a probable new redesign of the Xbox One S that will make it cheaper to manufacture. And then we have the obvious next gen Xbox and a next gen higher end model.

Then on Sony basically just that a PS5 is in the works. And more than likely (speculation on my end) a higher end PS5 also.

Godmars2909d ago

What's the point of putting out a new, discless, version of an old console on the cusp of announcing a whole new console? Don't you mean one of the four versions of their next system will be? Nevermind the market confusion involved in introducing four new systems in or around the same time.

gangsta_red9d ago

From what I gather the rumor is the discless Xbox isn't a part of the Scarlett umbrella which makes me think this is just an even cheaper version of Xbox One S.

The other Xbox One S from what I read will just be a revision of the regular Xbox S, cheaper to manufacture and bring the price down also.

I don't think it'll cause confusion as there are definitely similar options with every other electronic and item in life for retail.

"...discless, version of an old console on the cusp of announcing a whole new console? "

Well, new console adoption isn't automatic. Sony, MS and Nintendo all still sell their older consoles even when their new ones release and MS and Sony have put out revisions of their older consoles even after the new gen started.

And also, these are just still rumors.

Kribwalker9d ago

both sony and MS released revisions to their current consoles within the year of the One and PS4 releasing. it’s common to do that, bring down the cost of manufacturing, and sell them cheaper.

All the rumours have been a discless one s this spring

rainslacker9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

Cheaper price, or an entry level thing if their streaming service is ready to go. Maybe a system to promote Game Pass more directly.

I don't think this gen's consoles are just going to stop selling as soon as the next gen comes out. They're too cheap, and overall, the first couple years isn't going to show the same kind of jumps in graphics quality, so the budget gamer may be OK buying the old hardware.

I'm usually dubious of these discless console rumors. We had some of those last gen as well and it never came to pass....unless you count the PSPGo. Overall, the disc drive is pretty cheap in the system, so it doesn't really save a significant amount of money for the consumer.

darthv729d ago (Edited 9d ago )

well... discless is for that consumer who just buys digital. I mean it isnt that hard to fathom, especially since pretty much all games moving forward are getting limited data on disc and you end up having to finish getting the rest in downloadable form anyway.

It may also be a cheap way for someone to add another xbox in their home. one system with the disc and another that is just for all the xbl and digital games like gamepass. People have their reasons for buying multiple of something.

ocelot079d ago

True I don't see a point. But remember when Microsoft announced the XB1 they also announced a redesigned Xbox 360. I think it was called the Xbox 360 E or something like that basically it looked a little bit like a XB1.

Godmars2909d ago

Can see a cheaper, discless, XB1s being used to promote streaming if "future proofing" is a thing but that 's going to run counter to their "Plays Best On" advertising. And they're going to have advertise to give it any kind of traction.

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Godmars2909d ago

Quite = surprises

Thing is, given Xbox's market position, it needs hype almost as badly as it needs surprises.

Eonjay9d ago

A wise man once said nothing at all.