Top 9 greatest video game hub worlds

GameCentral explores the unexpected pleasures of a good level hub, from Red Dead Redemption II’s campsite to Peach’s castle.


Xbox Has Fumbled the Bag With Palworld

With Pocketpair recently announcing a partnership with Sony, Microsoft has failed to take advantage of a golden opportunity with Palworld.

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gold_drake1d 21h ago

true, but xbox would be am odd choice for that sort of partnership id imagine. but yeh, they dodnt think anout the potential, as usual.

jwillj2k41h ago

They already have Minecraft it wouldn’t be odd at all lol…

Sonyslave31d 20h ago

Sony make tv shows & movies lol Microsoft doesnt.

ironmonkey53m ago

Lol, you mean the halo tv series? The one that just got cancelled? Come on man think harder.

Exthun1h ago

It is obvious that people on Xbix does not know how w too run the business.


Toxicity is ramping up in The First Descendant, players reported for...fixing loadouts

Toxicity against AFK farmers in The First Descendant is at an all-time high, as players are now reporting others for fixing their loadouts.

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Conscript Review - Real-Life Horror That's Not Easy to Stomach - Last Word On Gaming

Survival horror and World War I provide quite the uneasy combination. Find out why in this review of indie historical horror "Conscript."

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