Amazon Game Studios Gives Details on their Upcoming New World

Very soon, their range of platforms Amazon Games Studios will reach will expand again. This year, they are expected to release The Grand Tour Game on PS4 and Xbox One, and possibly in the near future New World.

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yellowgerbil1023d ago

What? Is this Google translate. Pure gibberish

UltraNova1023d ago

Wait was Amazon actually serious about making games?

Sirk7x1023d ago

I don't think they would have created a studio, and funded development of games if they weren't lol. Google just had their Project Stream beta as well, and streamed Assassin's Creed Odyssey through Chrome. I was absolutely amazed at how well it worked. Almost no input lag, very little artifacting, at 1080p.

UltraNova1023d ago

I was being sarcastic. For a company with that amount of cash and partners everywhere I expected a more serious effort from them. Like a true AAA game. Its been how long now since they've announced their endeavour in gaming and all we got, or rather will get, is Grand Tour the game...

So yeah my OG question still stands.

opc1022d ago

They're probably serious in the same way Valve is serious. They probably won't release any games for artistic reasons but they'll probably release a game as a service that will earn them tons of money in MTs. These companies are all about setting up subscription services that make tons of passive income with the bare minimum amount of employees.

Get ready for MMOs, MOBAs, and card games. No way in hell Amazon's big shareholders will want risks taken on artistic creative endeavors.