Metacritic Says Xbox One Had No Positively Reviewed True Exclusives in 2018

Metacritic releases its annual best games of the year post, stating that Microsoft's Xbox One console had no positively reviewed true exclusives released in 2018.

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TheColbertinator288d ago

All that matters to true gamers is that we have 4K graphics on Xbox One X.

The gaming press is too blind to notice that.

gamingunited288d ago

I had a chuckle at that one.

RpgSama287d ago (Edited 287d ago )

That's the most asinine comment I've ever read "Real true Gamers don't care about the games, just how they look".

I was really expecting an /S at the end to know it was sarcasm, but I'm afraid that he actually thinks like that

RauLeCreuset287d ago


It's called staying in character. Anyone who is familiar with TheColbertinator's comment history knows what's up. Take this comment from the crossplay article the other day:

"Unless Sony embraces crossplay, there is no future for the PS4. Let me explain why."

That was it in its entirety. Genius. Still, it flew over people's heads. I figure the handle itself is tipping you off to what's what. Maybe I should just stop talking. I do enjoy these little moments. It's like reading comments on those Ameridote videos from practitioners of whatever martial art discipline Master Ken just crapped on.

S2Killinit287d ago

Im almost 100% sure he is being sarcastic. Even though he is a big time xbox fan, nobody in their right mind would think like that. Otherwise the winner of every generation would be the one who waits and releases a slightly more powerful console.

bouzebbal287d ago

X1 has a great controller.. That's all!

mikeslemonade287d ago


Finally someone who knows. The only thing that Xbox did right this gen is make another better controller than the Dual Shock.

Xbox has no true exclusives, much less positive true exclusives.

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Jin_Sakai288d ago (Edited 288d ago )

“All that matters to true gamers is that we have 4K graphics on Xbox One X.”

That’s the most ridiculous statement I’ve ever heard. Who needs great exclusives when you have 4K! Smh.

thatguyhayat287d ago (Edited 287d ago )

That whats terrifying about the xbox fan boys. They gobble up what Phil says and being blinded by PR talk

The Wood287d ago (Edited 287d ago )

The colb doesn't believe that. He's just a good sportsman. The scary truth is though there are entities on this site that actually believe what he said. . For them, their gen only started when the 1x was released. . Judging by MS's deafening silence post early release, I'm not too sure the 1x is owned by a large number of Xbox owners that frequent n4g. Most are playing the vanilla but using their bigger older brother to fight their fights for them.

I'm not surprised MS didn't release games of a high standard this year as they've show very little last year or the year before that. Games don't just appear. The stars have to align. . Studios, talent, project selection, management execution. Owning talent, albeit important, isn't the only piece of the puzzle.

RauLeCreuset287d ago

"Most are playing the vanilla but using their bigger older brother to fight their fights for them."

Good analogy.

UCForce288d ago

But it didn’t save itself. A powerful console without true exclusive game. And you failed to understand that.

ArchangelMike288d ago

All that power and no games exclusive to the platform to show it off. We're still waiting to see "the power of the cloud." From what I've seen of Crackdown 3, it doesn't look like they even used any of the power at all.

EverydayJoe287d ago

Like a corvette with no tires

tucky287d ago (Edited 287d ago )

I will never understand how exclusives make a console ... My favorite games of all Times are all multiplateforms: resident evil 4, ninja Gaiden 2, the witcher 3, red dead redemption 2 ... and the 2 latest are looking better on xbox one x. Who actually needs the stupid PS exclusives ???

badz149287d ago


but exclusive do drive the success of Playstation. do you drive the success of xbox with your preference? dumb fanboy thinking the world revolves around just him. SMH

UCForce287d ago

@tucku Exclusive give console identity. You should know better.

The Wood287d ago

Tucky. You're using a naive myopic view of how the gaming business works. There's something called usp's. Look in any business studies book. . It'll help you understand a little better than I can in this comment section

ocelot07287d ago

@tucky Maybe the people who prefer different type of games than you? I could be wrong it's just a guess on my part.

287d ago
UCForce287d ago (Edited 287d ago )

@Goddidlydodanabbit But let me ask you two simple questions, why PS3 made a great comeback when Xbox One can’t ? And how PS4 was successful in first place ? Can you explain that or you just out of excuses ?

One more thing, God of War won GOTY 2018 at TGA last month despite being PS4 Exclusive.

RauLeCreuset287d ago


What I took from all of that is that a mere two exclusives were enough justification for you to own a PS4.

287d ago
LandoCalrissiano287d ago

ucforce, Exclusives don't give a console identity, communities do. It's what you and your friends are playing. The number of first place trophies doesn't give a sports team its identity, its the community. If the community for R6 Siege is growing, then that entire population largely doesn't care about exclusives. Now multiply communities like R6 with every gaas with a growing or stable community and you have enormous populations who largely don't care about exclusives. Then, you also have massive populations playing older bc games and/or older games on various consoles, and people who will buy the frequently released AAA games. Those who are left are part of the much smaller total of people who care about exclusives. So, no, exclusives don't make a console, the sum of all of its parts do. And if the largest portion of this sum is playing 3rd party, then exclusives are not the most important thing.

The Wood287d ago (Edited 287d ago )


What a chunk of apologistic misdirection. People don't buy into communities over exclusives. People buy consoles because of the games available including 3rd party games. All things matter but if it was all about communities everyone would have a pc. Nintendo destroys that notion. The switch is outpacing the Xbox because of Games not its community. The ps is slapping the Xbox because of Games not the community.

LandoCalrissiano284d ago (Edited 284d ago )

It's not misdirection, it's true. Word of mouth is the best, fastest, and strongest form of advertising. If your friend tells you to buy something you probably will. Nielson data shows 92% of people trust a friends recommendation. Also, according to McKinsey and Co, word of mouth recommendations lead into 50% of all purchasing decisions. The other half of that is just normal economics, so no, everyone wouldn't have a pc because of the barriers to entry. Also, the community wouldnt be pc it'd be mobile and we already know ac: odyssey works by streaming soon making exclusives irrelevant. The switch is outpacing everything because it's still the new thing. Know what is increasing the pace of the switch? It's people, the communities are doing that, not it's games. Don't think Kirby or tennis did that. Not even smash is doing it by itself. If smash sucked, had one character and was unplayable, it's exclusivity doesn't mean anything, so the opposite is true.

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Doge287d ago

I got 4K60 on my PC.

Does that make me a Truer gamer? Lmao.

Pantz287d ago

well most pc games can't do HDR yet like consoles can...

Doge287d ago

Neither can most games on Xbox, genius.

rainslacker287d ago

The truest gamers have 8K 120fps, full VR Holographic rooms, and buy special cheetos that don't leave cheese residue on your fingers.

tucky287d ago

Finally a true gamer on this PS fanboys site

UCForce287d ago

Nope. Tell me, Can Xbox One make a comeback like PS3 did ?

RauLeCreuset287d ago

This is why I love Colbertinator's comments. One of these days, when you all figure it out, we're going to have to bestow an excellence award on Colbertinator.

ScootaKuH287d ago

You're being sarcastic right? Right?!

KyRo287d ago

You dont play resolution... You play games in which xbox doesn't have many good ones that you can't play elsewhere.

MoshA287d ago

He's joking right? No way they are that delusional?

287d ago
UCForce287d ago

@Goddidlydodanabbit it’s no different than Nintendo fanbase and MS fanbase. You just insulted one fanbase and you let other two get away with their toxicity. Trust me, they will do much worse than PS4 fanbase if you let your guard down.

DarXyde287d ago


Microsoft has an operating system for PC along with Xbox-- Sony does not. To compensate, they have a streaming platform, PlayStation Now. The "exclusive venom" rhetoric you espouse is not very different in principle.

Frankly, I like exclusives. I like them far more than multiplatform games. There's a certain tailored labor of love that goes with them. It also makes the console buying experience easier: why would I buy an Xbox One X to play the best version of Red Dead Redemption 2 when I can just get a PS4 to have access to RDR2 in a very playable format AND be able to play Horizon: Zero Dawn and/or The Last of Us? Considering PS4 has the largest install base, it would be foolish to believe the PS4 version of games will run in an unacceptable way, unless the game itself is poorly optimized. Most gamers don't care all that much about power. That's why PS4 outsells Xbox One X with great consistency and Switch positions so well, outselling Xbox One regularly itself.

You're probably just saying that because your company of choice speaks for you. I encourage you to adopt more objectivity in your reasoning. Exclusives do matter, especially to the gamer that can only afford one console.

RauLeCreuset287d ago


Oh my... Yes, Collbertinator is joking! Look at their comment history. They're sitting back somewhere laughing that they have you seriously defending their post. Don't you get it?

rainslacker287d ago

All his comments are meant to be satire, or at least sarcastic.

SenorFartCushion286d ago


"If you let your guard down"

What? Lol

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Dragonscale287d ago

And that is why xbone is currently irrelevant lol. Great games over graphics every day.

Ms and their fanboys are too blind to notice that.

Chevalier287d ago (Edited 287d ago )

You know what I find it ironic? That MS apologists here keep mentioning all these great features and how many more options it has yet when we point out the reason the PS4 destroys Xbox in sales is that there are literally more options in games we get the excuse that 95% of people play mostly 3rd party games. So more GAME options don't matter, but, LESS games and MORE features is the best selling point for Xbox. Its the most idiotic way to look at things. Its a friggin GAME console, so number 1 should be GAMES.

The Wood287d ago

Lol. Gets em every time. . . .

RosweeSon287d ago (Edited 287d ago )

I’m a true gamer since the NES 30 years ago. 4K is not even high on my list of what I’m after from games resolutions don’t make good games.
I’d still play Mario Bros 3 in its original form over average yearly dribble in 4K
Tetris another prime example would be epic in 4K? Nah still couldn’t beat the original gameplay enjoyment longevity quality is what I’m after before looking good

solidmasta287d ago

True gamer also know that 4k doesnt matter...god of war,uncharted,detroit become human or horizon dawn zero are some of the most beautiful games ever and guess what...they are not 4k. Its like people download movies on the internet with a quality of 720p or less but they still enjoy their movies

RosweeSon286d ago

Yeah quality games rather go all out on the 4K and FPS Hype they more worried about producing a quality working and fantastic game people well myself can see past aesthetics if the game is good enough. Sometimes bad graphics even add to its charm I’d rather bad graphics than 4K yearly churn £80 deluxe edition new version out within a year servers don’t work and game is average at best cough cough Ubisoft EA activision.

ocelot07287d ago

4K is all that matters to true gamers? You hear that PC gamers 4K is all that matters. Throw away those Freesync and G-sync monitors. Who needs a higher FPS when you can have more pixels!

gamer7804287d ago

Personally I like having amazing graphics and amazing games, you can have both...

Brazz287d ago

You forgot the "/S" dude.

RauLeCreuset287d ago

Good satirists don't include an "S."

Acadius287d ago

Does that mean that I’m not a ‘true gamer’ if I’m still playing on my 2013 Xbox One?
‘Gamers’ like you tell me that I’m not a gamer because I also own a PS4.

FyBy287d ago

It's a pitty ms dropped Kinect. It would have been unique these days. Xbox is better place for my kids. But PS4 is better place for me as a gamer.

RosweeSon286d ago

Unique in the fact it’s the only console you could order a pizza on I mean I love pizza but shiiii ahah Kinect was dribble

InTheZoneAC287d ago

sad how how many people didn't get the sarcasm.

Godmars290287d ago

Rather than go to my go to, I seriously have to ask if you're being serious.

Tazzy287d ago

I'm a true gamer I have a PS4PRO and Xbox One X and the 4k thing isn't a big leap on the Xbox One X NBA 2k is Xbox One X enhanced has 4k Ultra HD and HDR but it sure the hell doesn't look that way and I have a super uhd 4k tv. DOOM is another game that looks the same when I play with the 4k update I sat and asked myself where the hell is it better looking??

KickSpinFilter285d ago (Edited 285d ago )

Look at it this way:
Native 4K to Checkerboard 4K rendering is of diminishing returns. Let's look at a beach it's boulders versus rocks for an (extreme) illustration, that was org XB1 to PS4, now we move to XBX vs PS4 Pro. To illustrate we start looking at sand in Hawaii compared to sand in CapeCod, USA. From the same distance that we were looking at the boulders and rocks. While the sand in Hawaii is much more fine than the course sand at the Cape we can't tell the difference really from that same distance as we were from the boulders and rocks. Sure if you get on your hands and knees ya it's a big difference from 6 inches away! Most sit at least 6 feet away from their sand errrr TV.

2pacalypsenow287d ago

There must not be that many “True gamers” since the PS4 and Switch outsell Xbox every month.

RosweeSon286d ago

And will continue to if Xbox gonna stick in cruise control.

StormSnooper287d ago

Wow, I HOPE you are sarcastic.

NarutoFox287d ago (Edited 287d ago )

Are you serious right now? You deserve a downvote for this asinine
comment. Even Nintendo had positive reviewed true exclusives last year. All gamers just don't care about 4K graphics 😀

BiGT85287d ago

PS4 pro exclusives games looks way better than xbox one X games "facts"

nucky64287d ago

i'm guessing thats sarcasm - right, colbertinator?

Moonman287d ago

A turd in 4K is a high definition turd. ;p

william_cade287d ago

hahaha nice. way to stir the nest xD

Redlife2g287d ago

It's a shame people think you're serious...upvoted.

drunkenspy007287d ago

"true gamers", I think you meant nub gamers.

287d ago
Segata287d ago

That is one of the dumbest things I've ever read. The games don't matter just the graphics? A polished turd is still a turd.