Game Informer: Wii Music Review

GI: "Finally, Nintendo has seen fit to deliver us from the horrors of Guitar Hero and Rock Band's intuitive gameplay, accurate mechanics, and great song selections. Thank God. Now I can stop pretending that I was having fun rocking out to Metallica and live my dream of playing backup cowbell in a cruise ship band version of "Yankee Doodle."

Yes, folks, Wii Music is here. Here are the basics (and believe me, it's all basics): You select a song and one of dozens of instruments. Then, you and up to three friends can waggle your remotes and press buttons in time, and begin creating what can only be described as a god-awful racket. The notes are automatically generated, but do change in pitch along to the prescribed melody (and slightly altered by holding down buttons at random). In addition…well, no that's pretty much it, actually. You can save these performances for posterity, but haven't we suffered enough already?"

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TheColbertinator4274d ago

lol Sorry Miyamoto but Wii Music is a wreck

sonarus4274d ago

Was he seriously expecting that the wii motion gimmicks would last forever. 1up gave it perfect score though lol

Harri44444274d ago


NinjaRyu4274d ago

I didn't think that kinda score was possible to get from Game informer. To top it all off this game even scored worst then rock revolution did!

crygester4274d ago

guitar hero rock band killer confirmed :)

Xander-RKoS4274d ago

Guys...this is Game case no one noticed, these guys hate everything about Nintendo and I don't think they actually play the Nintendo games they get.

Brawl got a lower score for not including Mega Man and for having clone characters like Ike and Marth.

Galaxy got a lower score for including Bowser Jr.

Personally, I think most of us here are better gamers than the guys at Game Informer, after all, they couldn't get the Wii wheel to work in Mario Kart and called the Nunchuck combo "unresponsive" in Brawl.

They also started the claim that Lucasarts was angry about the Wii Motion plus not being announced til E3, when Krome Studios has personally said that they did know and didn't want to wait to release the Force Unleashed or Lightsaber Duels, especially since they felt it didn't need it.

Being someone who has played Wii Music, I have no idea what they are talking about. The controls are totally responsive to about everything...maybe they still haven't figured out how to hold the Wii mote, or perhaps they are trying to play it on their 360.

Either way, these guys are probably the worst site to get any Nintendo information.

heroicjanitor4274d ago (Edited 4274d ago )

They gave brawl 95% which was well deserved and do you know many people who don't use a gamecube or classic controller to play that game? Nobody I know uses the wiimote nunchuk combo to play... Are you angry about 95% or what? The only time 95% and 100% makes any difference is when you are buying a bullet-proof vest. I totally agree with their review for mario kart wii, mainly because of unoriginality and the fact that it is far too easy and the tracks feel too uninspired, back on the snes and n64(im 18, not ancient) they had loads of shortcuts and game changing items like lightning didnt appear every five seconds. It's really irritating that every race there is a blue shell thrown at the end too so the guy who is winning usually finishes 3rd or 4th... And the wheel takes me out of the game because I focus a bit too much on the wheel rather than the race so I don't use it. Oh yeah and wii music is crap.

Xander-RKoS4274d ago

Well, no, I'm not angry at 95%, I'm angry at them fishing for totally unrelated fanboyish reasons for them to dock points off. I use the nunchuck combo, I don't find it unresponsive in the slightest. Case in pint, there must be something that I'm doing right and they are doing wrong. I'm also not arguing about the score for Mario Kart, but I don't find the wheel unresponsive or that difficult to use either (nunchuck is easier, but not by that much).

Lets not forget about everything else I mentioned.

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