Why Super Smash Bros. players think Dragon Quest DLC is next for Ultimate

Data-miners are digging into Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s source code and pulling out what they say are hints about the game’s upcoming new fighters. Among details about characters’ speed and weight values — important info for the competitive scene — there appears to be a codename for an unannounced character in the mix, dataminers say.

ZeekQuattro2015d ago

I hope so. Been playing the series since it was known as Dragon Warrior in the States and it would make for a welcome addition to Smash imo.

The 10th Rider2014d ago

Same here. Ninja Gaiden and Dragon "Warrior" are the last two NES games from my childhood that I'm hoping for Smash representation from.

PhantomS422014d ago

Out of that "leaked" (horribly fake) list the Dragon Quest prediction is the most believable.


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