8 GameCube games begging to be remade from the ground up for Switch

"The Nintendo GameCube is a really special console to me and there are so many games that I adore on the platform. However, there is a select handful of games I would kill to see completely remade from the ground up for Nintendo Switch. I’m talking big graphical overhaul, similar to last year’s Shadow of the Colossus for PS4. Without further ado, here are eight GameCube games I think deserve true remakes on Nintendo Switch." -- Nintendo Enthusiast

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PhoenixUp42d ago

I doubt Capcom will ever remake RE4

ptownjbo42d ago

Sadly they just keep porting it with no real graphical improvements

NecrumOddBoy42d ago

I would love to see Viewtiful Joe return and be in Smash too.

strayanalog42d ago

Any previous generation of games begs to be remade, but as much as I love the Gamecube library I would rather see new sequels to those titles instead of remade content. Make it a combo pack, like Bayonetta 1 and 2, except in this case it would be Eternal Darkness 2 with the original Gamecube title. Slim chance of this, but hey, you get a reminder of why you liked the original while partaking in a new chapter in the franchise instead of waiting for a retread.

MizHDTV42d ago

Just give me Metroid Prime and I’ll be very happy

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