Game Informer: Fallout 3 Review

GI: "Taking on a game like Fallout 3 is a risky venture for Bethesda, as hardcore fans will deem any variation from the original games' formulas a monumental disaster. Like all creations imitated by another hand, Fallout 3 retains elements from the original games' source material, and continually reminds you of why you loved playing these games, but not without setting itself aside as a largely different experience. Make no mistake, this is a Bethesda Softworks game first and foremost. As you journey from the sunless haven of Vault 101 to the irradiated wasteland of Washington D.C. you are reminded of Bethesda's latest work, The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, just as much as you are of Black Isle's Fallout catalogue. It really is the perfect marriage of the two games; a chemistry that seamlessly unites Fallout's fiction and atmosphere with the first-person gameplay and open world questing of Oblivion."

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San anto4272d ago

could have fooled me tbh Fallout looks boring

DA_SHREDDER4272d ago

This game is easily the most over hyped game on either console. The controls suck,, the graphics are not as good as Oblivions, and it takes 2 clips just to kill somebody. The only game that is more over hyped then this is Gears 2.