Xbox Avatars: The Next Generation of Horse Armor

Kombo writes, "The New Xbox Experience is completely redefining the way that users will interact with their Xbox 360. Among the most notable additions are Avatars that are associated with a user's gamertag. From November 19th forward, you will be living vicariously through your character, with some games even allowing you to play as your Avatar, Mii style.

Unfortunately, not only is this bringing new innovations to gameplay on the Xbox, but it also introduces a new way for Microsoft to nickle and dime subscribers into bank account oblivion. Plans to open an Avatar Store have been detailed by Robin Burrowes, a product manager for Xbox LIVE...."

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bgrundman4274d ago

There is no way you are ever going to get me to pay for a fake piece of clothing. You would have thought they learned with the worthless gamerpics...

tha_bomboclaatgamer4274d ago

i hope they make them unlockable in games. i still wouldnt care anyways

BlackRaven854274d ago

You do realize that Avatars come with thousands of clothes, and will have tons more for free. If you're into fashion then it's called the summer, fall, and winter line-up. The only way I could see this going into "nickel and diming" you is charging for band stuff or those exclusive clothes. You are misinformed, my friend, if you didn't know there will be thousands of design of clothes are going to be free. What's even funny is it's even mentioned on the videos, lol. Wow right?

bgrundman4274d ago

I don't know where you have been coming to the asumption that there will be an overwhelming amount of free stuff. After all, the only free stuff on marketplace are the things that nobody would want anyway.

ChrisGTR14274d ago

its the same thing as HOME, but i dont hear you complaining about having to buy clothes on that.... probably because its not coming out till 09.

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Arsenic134274d ago (Edited 4274d ago )

If they are like 10 Points and i have some to spare then maybe, but im not gonna buy points to make my Avatar "fabulous".
The store for cloths aren't coming for a long time anyway.

bgrundman4274d ago

It is starting to look like a return to the fall/spring update schedule, with all of the things that are being pushed from the NXE to the spring... but it will get here faster than you can imagine. I prefer to look at it as only a couple of RPG's away.

Uwe_Boll4274d ago

oh no! Typical Microsoft milking everything for money. Looks like i will play the psn online. Even better i will use the Wiis fabulous online service

OOG4274d ago

cuz you think all that bullsh!t in home will be free??? lol

no but we have options on both

bgrundman4274d ago

Everyone is looking for a way to monitize their product, whether it is Home or the NXE, it is just a matter how how they do it. It is the only way they can afford to provide their existing services

chrisnick4274d ago

kings of nickel and diming idiots/ ignorant ppl.

GiantEnemyCrab4274d ago

and you don't think Home on PSN is not going to be the nickel and dime capital of $ony? Give me a break! Nobody is forcing you to buy any of it.

chrisnick4274d ago

as xbutts like to say all the time "HOME isn't out yet" even if we would be nickled and would be for the first time...u've had live for 3 years....what's ur excuse?

BlackRaven854274d ago

That comment doesn't even sense. Nothing on Sony, but it's the same thing.

bgrundman4274d ago

It is an inevitability that both services will require some kind of cost... there is no other way to support the growth of the service.

GiantEnemyCrab4274d ago

"yeah but as xbutts like to say all the time "HOME isn't out yet" even if we would be nickled and would be for the first time...u've had live for 3 years....what's ur excuse? "

I have extensive access to the Home beta. Right on your virtual PSP you can see there is a section for "My Purchases". It is happening and it would not be the first time on PSN. Qore is another example of withholding demos from regular "non-paying" PSN user's in order to get a few nickels and dimes for early access to demos. Second one is Premium Themes, another way to get really nice looking themes for a few nickels and dimes. I understand both of these are new but you will slowly notice the free PSN themes going away and you will see an increase in pay themes or you will find them exclusive to Qore.

I can't argue MS are the bigger Nickel and Dimers compared to $ony but they are learning fast and this is coming from an Xbutt! lol

But the fact is, you don't have to buy any of it.

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GiantEnemyCrab4274d ago

Nobody is forcing you to buy it! If you don't want it don't purchase it.

Seems simple to me, whining about it didn't change horse armor and it won't change the avatar store. Have they even announced pricing yet?

bgrundman4274d ago

No, pricing has yet to have been announced, but it can be assumed that items would sit in the same cost range as gamerpics, so that it doesn't involve a big change on the backend of Xbox Live to make it happen. Stay tuned in the spring for more details.

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