Scalpers Are Scalping The Wii U For 800 Dollars In 2019

Wii U, the predecessor to Nintendo Switch, was seen as one of the biggest failures in Nintendo history, only doing better than the Virtual Boy.

Given that there were only about 15 million Wii U consoles manufactured, prices of brand new sets are bound to increase in the years to come, as the Wii U enters “ultra rare” and “legendary” status. So if you still have a Wii U, take good care of it as it may be worth thousands of dollars in the future.

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EddieNX 17d ago

Still have my ZombiU launch bundle in good condition. With a fair few games.

Neonridr17d ago

my Wii U isn't going anywhere. I got rid of my Wii so I need to keep it in order to play some of the Wii games I kept when I got rid of the console. Loved ZombiU actually.

mikeslemonade17d ago

Just sell it and get a PC. You will eventually be able to play every WiiU game you would want to play on PC.

Neonridr16d ago

@mikeslemonade - I have a gaming PC. I like keeping my old consoles though.

EddieNX 16d ago

How you supposed to emulate certain WiiU games without the Gamepad?

Much rather play games natively than emulation , every day of the week

Profchaos16d ago (Edited 16d ago )

Good idea I've got a great gaming PC I've tried the emulators they never feel as good to play despite looking better you always battle controls and getting it streaming to a tv using Xbox controllers is just annoying.

I still use my original hardware just for the feeling of playing legit

mikeslemonade16d ago

Like seriously how many of those WiiU games are you gonna play? Much better to spend your time with modern games. And now modern games are even more diverse with indie games.

rainslacker16d ago (Edited 16d ago )


If it was just about playing the games, one would be better off just buying a used system for much less. There is no reason to pay a premium for a new unused system unless one is a collector, and wants it for that purpose. Of course, people value things differently, so maybe they just prefer new, but because most people aren't willing to spend that much more for it new if they intend to play the system, these prices will go down, as the impulse collectors market evens itself out. They probably saw a couple sold at high prices on Ebay, then they all jack of the price, because there are people out there that don't understand that these things aren't rare, or even collectors items yet, but want to collect them. It screws up the market, but if its like many other things in the collectors market, it goes back to a reasonable amount later.

To me, new systems I'm weary of spending a lot of money on. Mostly, because if I don't intend to play it, I have no way to verify that it works, and opening it to verify it works devalues it to a used system level...making a high purchase price not worth it anymore. I'd rather get a well taken care of used system, then not have to worry about it. I will pay a premium for a complete system, with box, and all original materials, but I'll only buy new if it's not much more than used, or cheaper, and then, in many cases, only if I can return it if it doesn't work. I have a couple boxed systems, which I did test with white gloves, but if I were to sell them, I'd be transparent they were opened, but mostly new.

There is the caveat however that on the WiiU, a used system may have damage to the game pad screen though. So, new may be a better choice, since as of right now, they're more likely to work out of the box, and would still include warranty service through Nintendo through 2020....assuming you can prove you brought it unopened, and it had never been registered.

mcstorm16d ago

Neonridr I was with you with that but just moved to pc and so far all the games I have tried on the emulator seem to work well so my wiiu is going to be sold and I'm also getting others on the switch. For me I loved the wiiu and even though it had a short life I perfered it to the Xbox one and ps4 due to the games just being pure fun on it and different to what the other 2 offer.

mikeslemonade16d ago

At some point there will be a WiiU type controller on PC with a usb. It’s not hard to make because the WiiU gameplay was garbage anyway.

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Zeldafan6416d ago

Zombiu was the reason I got the Wii U at launch. Between physical and digital I've got over 70 games. Never selling it.

mcstorm16d ago

Thats an amazing collection and like I said above lived the wiiu very underrated

FanboysKiller16d ago (Edited 16d ago )

Mine is breath of the wild bundle and it looks so sexy.

neutralgamer199216d ago

They are available around me on offer up for about $100. May buy one

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isarai17d ago

Why? Its a completely obsolete console seeng as how everything has been ported to switch at this point. Anywho i still have mine, maybe, dont really plan on selling

Kados17d ago

It still has a handful of games that have not been ported to the Switch. Xenoblade X & Paper Mario Color Splash are a couple major ones. It is also still the best system to play Twilight Princess, Skyward Sword, & Wind Waker on.

callahan0916d ago

Mario Maker is not on Switch (it is on 3DS, and while I haven't played it I've heard it isn't as good or complete or is missing some things from the Wii U version?). I really hope they bring it to Switch, though, it would be great on Switch!

Cobra95116d ago

Agree on the Zeldas, especially TP. The mirrored world in the Wii version is an abomination, and the waggle controls don't fare much better.

Zeldafan6415d ago

Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE is another one.

Concertoine16d ago

i like to keep it to play party games, wii games, and after modding it, gamecube games.

meka261116d ago

It's most likely for all the older games from virtual console that you cannot get on switch yet. Like super nintendo and other games; switch just has nintendo. Plus some other games that aren't ported yet.

rainslacker16d ago (Edited 16d ago )

You can buy them used, with some games at GameStop for $160. Could probably find them cheap on craigslist.

Eventually, due to the sales of the system, it'll become a collectors system. But that time isn't now.

The TurboDuo can easily cost $700, used, no games, no box, potentially no controller....sometimes may need repairs. Took about 10 years after it went off the market to hit $500 on the collectors market. WiiU had a few key games which will make it more desireable for collectors, but ultimately, it'll be easy to find for quite a while.

Scalpers have a habit of being very reactionary when they feel that there might be a sudden boom on the sales of something. It happens a lot with games in the collectors market, and is the main reason why older games tend to have prices inflated much higher than they really should be. Eventually, it can set a standard price, but if one isn't impulsive, they can almost always get the stuff cheaper. Obvious exceptions exist, but inflated prices for an extended time are rare for things that aren't particularly rare.

Cobra95116d ago

Yeah, it won't last. Seems like a bit of a fad to me. I still have my original SNES, and selling that won't make me rich. I might get a bit of cash for my Earthbound cart with box and manual, though.

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PurpHerbison17d ago (Edited 17d ago )

Yeah, I doubt that. I can go on local Facebook or Craigslist postings and find them for around $100 with games included.

addictedtochaos17d ago

The article is mainly talking about brand new unopened Wii U consoles.

rainslacker16d ago

You can still find them at local game stops new in some places. They don't sell them online new though. I know my local game stop had a couple about a month ago.

This inflated price is going to be temporary. I would suggest people not get too anxious about losing out. There are some collectors nowadays who really don't understand the way the market works, and tend to be too impulsive which drives up prices, which scalpers then use as incentive to create this sense of something being worth more than it really is.

PurpHerbison16d ago

Well, I can't say whether or not the ones listed as unopened are truly unopened but the point is they simply aren't that rare.

mch2011uk17d ago

Lol a console Nintendo couldn't sell for $300 is now $800 lol

bannhammer0717d ago

Every Pawn 1 in my city has Wii U's for $100, why would you buy one for this much?

deafdani16d ago

Collecting purposes. There's a good chance a brand new, never opened Wii U console will cost a fortune in a few years, because Nintendo made so few.

bannhammer0711d ago

Huh, I guess I can't understand the value of air sealed products. I'm not a collector so it's odd to me.