VR has its killer app and it's called PlayStation VR

Does VR have its killer app? Absolutely, and it's called PlayStation VR.

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porkChop938d ago (Edited 938d ago )

That statement doesn't make sense. I get that you like PSVR, and that's understandable considering the great games available for it. But killer apps are software (games), not hardware. The killer app is what makes purchasing the hardware worth it. So going by your own article, the killer apps are the five games you mention rather than PSVR itself.

Edit: Just to clarify, I'm not downplaying PSVR in any way. I just don't think the statement makes sense, nor does it accurately reflect what the article is really about.

KingHippo19938d ago

I get what you're saying. Killer app can also mean an irresistible tech product, which is how the article header is using the phrase.

porkChop938d ago

That definition may seem like it *could* count hardware, but that's the only definition I could find that is so vague. Every other definition for killer app is clear that hardware itself is not a killer app.

Merriam Webster:
"a computer application of such great value or popularity that it assures the success of the technology with which it is associated
broadly : a feature or component that in itself makes something worth having or using"

"A feature, function, or application of a new technology or product which is presented as virtually indispensable or much superior to rival products."

"In marketing terminology, a killer application (commonly shortened to killer app) is any computer program that is so necessary or desirable that it proves the core value of some larger technology, such as computer hardware, a gaming console, software, a programming language, a software platform, or an operating system."

"A killer application, or killer app, is a new software application used to attract consumers and motivate new hardware device purchases."

KingHippo19938d ago

We can debate this all day long. How do you explain Bloomberg calling Chess a "killer app"?

Why does EE Times call "wearables" killer apps?

Why does Spectrum refer to mass market robots as "killer app"?"

The answer is "killer app" can be used to define a product so tempting the mass markets wants to buy it.

porkChop938d ago

Did you read through those? They've all backed up my point. The chess article talks about chess being the killer app of online viewing/consumption, not really the game itself. The wearables article talks about features and software that can make wearables more useful and desirable, not the wearable itself. The robot piece talks about finding features (programming/software) and such that make robots indispensable. Those all follow the definitions I gave you.

KingHippo19938d ago

No desire to continue arguing semantics. You're right, I'm wrong!

darthv72938d ago (Edited 938d ago )

Paul, your use of the phrase is not really applicable to the context of how it is predominantly used in society. would it be that much of an issue to simply rename your piece to something more appropriate?

Like... "VR has been making strides to be taken seriously, all thanks to the Playstation VR." (or something to that effect)

As it is... a "killer app" for VR would be something like astro-bot as well as tetris effect. Those are good examples of killer apps for the VR market.

also, on a side note, you write reviews for walmart and bestbuy... that must be cool.

DarXyde938d ago

I see PorkChop's point: "killer app" is short for "killer application".

Hardware can't really be an application, but I think PSVR is *technically* allowed to be called one. An application requires hardware to be... applied to. By that logic, to use PSVR, you need a PS4, which does meet criterion for an application if you frame it that way. Granted, it is an accessory, but by virtue of needing a platform to apply an application to, it's an application.

porkChop938d ago

"No desire to continue arguing semantics."

It's not semantics. You're using the term incorrectly, in a way that doesn't make sense and doesn't line up with the actual definition. And your links that you provided even prove that. That's not semantics, you're just wrong. Sorry to sound like a dick but it's just that simple.

IamTylerDurden1938d ago (Edited 938d ago )

It really is semantics, i get what you mean. PSVR is it's own killer app in a sense. Maybe one absolute killer didn't release on the system (i beg to differ), but this year alone saw a wealth of must-have games.

Notable PSVR releases in 2018

Astro Bot - 90 meta

Tetris Effect - 89 and multiple GotYs

Firewall - people went wild over this, check Reddit. R6 Siege in VR, without the Ubisoft.

Moss - critical acclaim and commercial success. A great platformer.

Beat Saber - a game that went "viral". 23 year old streamers with beanies, girls who think they are hip, and even grandmas loved this game. It is very enjoyable though, and it has the reviews to back it.

The Persistence - excellent rogue-lite FPS with AAA-is looking production.

Creed - quality boxing game based on the Creed (Rocky) license

Zone of the Enders - the classic Kojima game transformed in VR

IamTylerDurden1938d ago

Also in 2018

Borderlands 2 VR

Pixel Ripped

Sprint Vector

PapaBop938d ago (Edited 938d ago )

PSVR is not an "app" though. Even in that dictionary link it uses software as an example. Hardware drives the application/software and PSVR is the hardware. That aside though, you're right PSVR is the VR hardware that has the potential to make it take off and comes at an affordable price that makes it a far more obtainable product for the masses.

rainslacker938d ago

The app is the application that justifies the product, or makes it irresistible. PSTV, on its own, can't be an application without the software that runs on it, so the platform itself isn't the killer app in your equation.

If you want to combine both software and hardware to make PSTV the killer app for justifying VR, then that makes more sense, but the way you have it phrased in the headline makes me not really care too much to look further into if you make that distinction. You're seeming lack of trying to accept that you used the term improperly makes me less inclined to care about your opinion on the topic.

Sure, maybe you can go around saying that I am being presumptuous, but I'm not here writing headlines in a way that don't match up with generally acceptable grammar contexts that we are all accustomed to.

That said, PSVR is great, and the platform does have a lot of software which proves that VR is certainly viable and fun.

RememberThe357937d ago

It's not that hard to see the term "killer app" being used metaphorically here. In stead of VR needing a single supper successful game to blow up as a technology, having a super successful platform can have the same effect. I don't get why that seems to bother you so much, people purposely misuse words to imply meaning all the time.

xenz937d ago

Playstation VR is in no way an app. It doesn't meet the criterria of being an application. Playstation is a physical, tanglible electroinc product. Products as PSVR can have software applications or other applications, but that doesn't make the product an app.

Applications are software that benefits the hardware. It's very easy to understand. End of debate.

alb1899937d ago

Is it the psVR an irresistible product?

RauLeCreuset937d ago

I agree with porkChop. I actually expected the argument to go in a different direction based on the headline. I thought it was going to be about how the experience of being in VR is more the appeal for this piece of tech than any blockbuster game. Take Borderlands VR for example. I wouldn't necessarily object to reviews of a 6/10 or 7/10 depending on the metrics used to score it, but I'm having an absolute blast playing it (despite already platinuming the original) and would definitely recommend it, because of the VR. The best way I can describe it is that art sometimes transcends the sum of its parts to provide a magical experience. VR is good for bringing out that magic. That said, it does seem the article would be better served just calling those games its killer apps or at least arguing that there are enough good games there that it doesn't need one killer app.

frostypants937d ago

That definition is wrong. "App" is a software term.

S2Killinit937d ago (Edited 937d ago )

Well regardless of whether the author can/cant call the headset a “killer app” for VR, which makes sense in that context even though author is playing loose with the term “killer app”, PSVR does INDEED have its “killer app” in a number of titles. So its kind if a moot point to be arguing over whether the term should or shouldnt be used like this.

I believe what the author means is that just as a software “killer app” pushes a games console into homes, the PSVR has pushed Virtual Reality into homes. It makes sense to me. The fact that he is playing loose with the term is a given. If we nitpick on this issue we might as well nitpick on half of titles used on any of trillions of articles published around the world. After all this is a very common technique in articles of any type.

Army_of_Darkness937d ago

@porkchop, no need to get all technical with the headline bro... The point was clear as glass and I instantly understood what he meant... VR wouldnt have been this successful if it weren't for the psvr sales. Very enjoyable, affordable and able to reach more people that are interested in VR that can't afford an expensive gaming pc+ VR set itself.

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Profchaos938d ago

I get it I have a psvr I love it but without games well there's no point to it

MrBobSugar937d ago

There are many other applications than just gaming. Gaming is the gateway to those, though.

Gameseeker_Frampt938d ago


What is amusing is that you also through a fit in another article that said that PSVR was the must-own console of 2019. Basically, in your view one cannot praise PSVR as a piece of hardware nor can one praise it as a piece of software. Given your comment history, it isn't really surprising to see you downplaying something that Sony makes.

Try as you might, you cannot change the fact that PSVR is the thing that is driving VR forward these days. The best VR experiences of 2018 were on PSVR. If you don't want to call PSVR the killer app for VR, what would you call it that accurately defines its success and importance to VR?

darthv72938d ago

Maybe because PSVR is not a "console" but an accessory that requires a console to be used...? I dont see him dismissing PSVR but just simply trying to help others keep it in the proper context.

It is neither a console nor an app but I see it as a must own accessory that has some killer apps. Does that make better sense?

porkChop938d ago (Edited 938d ago )

I don't have any issue with someone praising PSVR as a piece of hardware. But hardware and console are not the same thing. PSVR is not a console. That's just a fact. It's a companion device for the PS4. I'm not saying PSVR isn't good, nor am I downplaying the system in any way. Many great games are available for the system. But facts are facts.

"If you don't want to call PSVR the killer app for VR, what would you call it that accurately defines its success and importance to VR?"

It's the VR market leader. That's what I would call it. It's an affordable VR headset that provides access to many fun experiences. It doesn't need some title that doesn't make any sense. It just needs to be good, which it clearly is.

PSVR is hardware. PSVR is good. PSVR is not a console. PSVR is not software or a killer app.

Gameseeker_Frampt938d ago


The thing is that porkChop only wanted it called an accessory in order to destroy the premise that PSVR was the must-own item of 2019. He wasn't offering any better titles for the article but instead was trying to disprove the whole concept. He could of easily offered to correct it by saying a more accurate title was "the PS4 is the must have console of 2019 and that is because of PSVR."

Here is a sampling of porkChop past comments
"I'm assuming some of those are PSVR games because I haven't heard of them before" says the person who is usually the first one to comment on PSVR...

porkChop938d ago

"to destroy the premise that PSVR was the must-own item of 2019"

I never said it wasn't a must-own item. I said it wasn't a console. It isn't. You're trying to twist my words and claim things that just aren't true. That's a clear indication that you don't have any real argument here.

"He wasn't offering any better titles for the article but instead was trying to disprove the whole concept."

I don't have to offer a better title. That's the job of the writer. I didn't disprove anything. The terminology used was just wrong. If they had called it the best device, or best VR headset, etc., I wouldn't have really cared. But they called it a console which isn't true or accurate.

Gameseeker_Frampt937d ago

"That's the job of the writer. I didn't disprove anything. The terminology used was just wrong. If they had called it the best device, or best VR headset, etc., I wouldn't have really cared. But they called it a console which isn't true or accurate." The thing is that the actual title of the article was "PlayStation VR is a Must-Own Platform for 2019" but since you never read it you just complained about the title used on n4g.

Only someone who would want to downplay something would lump the PSVR into the same category as screen protectors and carrying cases. All VR systems require another device to run yet nobody refers to Rift and Vive as accessories. People don't call VHS, DVD, and Blu-Ray players accessories or companion devices because they require a TV. Yet for some reason, the PSVR with its own processor unit and catalogue of games is merely an accessory to you.

porkChop937d ago

Incorrect. The headline of that article originally said console. It was changed after publication. The first line was also changed to say platform. There are still remnants of the first version there though:

"However, it seems like no one has noticed that PSVR has quietly had a critically dominating year and is now a must-own console."

You would have seen that if YOU had actually read the article. That's in the first paragraph.

Blu Rays, DVD players and such actually power the content. That's the difference. PSVR games run on the PS4. The processing unit is just there to handle the lens warping and other VR effects. The content itself is powered by and played by the PS4. PSVR is not the same as a console or a Blu Ray player, it cannot function on its own.

I don't lump the PSVR in with screen protectors or anything like that. That's not what I meant when I referred to it as an accessory. I meant that as an add-on accessory like PS Move, Kinect, PS Eye, etc., which each have their own games. A lot of people misunderstood that, which is why I don't call it that anymore.

As far as Vive and Oculus goes, they're not consoles either and no one refers to them as such. They are absolutely companion devices. Any piece of hardware that relies on a parent device to function is a companion device. The parent device would be your PC in that instance. If you don't like that word, fine, call them something else. Just don't call them consoles because they aren't.

Gameseeker_Frampt937d ago

I read the article just fine which is why I understand the point the author was making and the context he was using in saying that the PSVR is a console. He talked about all the things that XBox, Playstation, and Nintendo Switch were doing that made them great consoles to buy and then transitioned into why PSVR is also a great console to buy and the merits that backed that claim up. He could of easily said that the PS4 was the must-own console of 2019 and then explain how PSVR makes that so, but he didn't. The article looked specifically at PSVR and its games and judged them like one would do with a video game console. He could of substituted "console" with "platform" and nothing would of changed in the article which shows how shallow your point is.

You though are always looking to downplay anything positive about PSVR and will happily argue semantics to try to disprove an article. You don't care about the content of the articles which is why you never comment on the points made in them but only care about attacking the premise by going after the language used.

Potnoodle999937d ago

SEMANTICS....god don’t all you guys have anything better to do than argue over the meaning here. I came to the comments looking for an interesting discussion about VR....people are so ridiculous sometimes

Potnoodle999937d ago

No one cares about whether you do or don’t have an issue porkchop. Jeez I could lay down an argument but I don’t have the time so maybe you should move on and talk about the article and not the damn titles meaning

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rainslacker938d ago

Gaming has it's killer app. It's called the PS4(or replace your preferred console....not trying to start anything). Hope that clears things up.

mkis007937d ago

Isnt psvr a ps4 killer app? By your definition?

porkChop937d ago

No, but I understand where your coming from. It's a great companion to the PS4, but killer apps are software and features that make the product desirable and worth having. In that instance the killer apps would still be the games themselves. PSVR is certainly a reason to own a PS4, but it's not an application, feature, or software. It's a hardware device.

Razzer937d ago (Edited 937d ago )

I agree. It is a terrible title. A lot of sites posting on n4g have a bad habit of creating titles that really don't make sense.

"So, back to Cliff's question. Does VR have its killer app? Absolutely, and it's called PlayStation VR."

No....that absolutely does not answer the question. The body of the article lists several real apps that actually attempt to, but the conclusion just doesn't make any sense.

RauLeCreuset937d ago

The headline is a product of an argument that doesn't follow the thesis. At least it's not deliberately bad or misleading. It seems like the author's argument evolved as they wrote the article to the point that it didn't match the original premise. The easy fix would have been to go back and edit the thesis to match the argument and its conclusion. A writer doesn't have to be married to their thesis. Just some constructive feedback in case they're reading.

Ju937d ago

Its not the hardware alone which makes it the "Killer App". It simplicity is what makes it different. And how it is integrated without big effort. You can play all games without the need of having to reconfigure all kinda things. It just works.

AfricanWoolf937d ago

Your comment is clearly written, and impeccably presented. People can be idiots on this site. Agree with you completely - killer app is a reference it software. The title was nonsensical.

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jwillj2k4938d ago

You didn’t really think this one through did you...

Godmars290938d ago

When did that happen several months after the fact that whether VR sank or swam in the mainstream market, it was going to be PSVR? Accessibility and implementation is always going to win out over bleeding edge tech and raw power.

Wallstreet37938d ago

I wish everyone could experience Astrobot, Resi Evil in VR and Firewall amongst others. Really is a console gamechanger and so immersive and fun. Ps5 VR is going to be bonkers. I also look forward to the competitive future of VR when Microsoft gets in.

alb1899937d ago (Edited 937d ago )

I think is not worth the money and the time yet but after 5G Tech we will talk about something very different. So maybe in two or four years and won't need the console....will stream the games.

Scatpants938d ago

I refuse to buy any more Forza games until they are in VR. Non VR racing games might as well not exist to me.

Profchaos937d ago

I'd agree with that I've been playing a lot of driveclub in VR with a mate and I've loved it but normally I have no interest in racing Games

generic-user-name937d ago

MS will be waiting until Sony prove that vr is viable. Then they'll hop on the bandwagon and tell us they do it best.

ocelot07938d ago

I love PSVR and I am so happy Sony are invested in it (unlike the Vita). The only grip I have with it is the Move controllers. Sure they "work" but are no where near as good as the VIVE or Rift or even the WMR controllers.

mkis007937d ago

Im surecthe ps5 reveal will also reveal new controllers

StormSnooper937d ago

A little after the PS5 I think. But yes. And I can’t wait.

uth11937d ago

moves are definately the psvr weak spot. hopefully they overhaul them for next gen