Multiple Microsoft patents point to Xbox One controller improvements

New patents filed by Redmond-based Microsoft shows off Xbox One controllers with notable improvements. The patents detail future Xbox One controller with minor tweaks for the trigger. A successor to Xbox One controller is long overdue and despite the rumours, the controller hasn’t been announced by Microsoft yet. It looks like the software giant is …

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SegaGamer582d ago

I love my Xbox One controller, but geez these things have terrible build quality. I have seen more complaints about defective Xbox One controllers than I have with any other. I have been asked to repair more Xbox One controllers than any other in the last year too. The Dpad and Left analog stick are the most common issues I have seen so far.

Even my own is going wrong now too, which has annoyed me greatly seeing as I only bought it March last year. The right button on the Dpad acts like it is clicked twice and it's become an annoying hindrance.

I don't even mistreat the controller either. Not once have I banged it in anger or dropped it. They just seem to start dying once you get towards the end of that 12 month warranty.

gamer7804581d ago

i have 7 controllers, 1 day one, 1 scorpio, one black with 3.5mm jack and 4-3rd gen controllers. I've not had any of them break in any fashion. My friends don't have as many but i haven' heard them say they have had any issues. Sure controllers can break after a while, but i'd say these have the best build quality of any controller i've ever used.

Razzer581d ago

The build quality of the more recent Bluetooth enabled Xbox One controllers are not nearly as good as the prior versions. It feels extremely cheap whereas the earlier versions felt really solid.

gamer7804581d ago

@Razzer what part keeps breaking on you specifically?

Razzer581d ago

Nothing breaking for me yet. I'm just talking about the way it feels in the hand. The prior version was much more solid. The newer ones just feel cheaper to me. Can you not tell the difference when you hold the older version vs the lastest?

Cobra951581d ago (Edited 581d ago )

Yeah, build quality is fine. I have 3, one since launch, and the other two within 6 months after, and they all still work fine. There are some differences between them--one has a clicky, oversensitive D-pad, and another has looser stick springs. But they all work as well now as they ever did. They haven't even gotten grindy-stick disease, or drift, like most of my 360 controllers eventually did.

Edit, @Razzer: That's unfortunate. I haven't bought a new controller in years, so I wouldn't know what to expect. I guess I'll try before I buy.

bluefox755581d ago

@razzer I feel the same way about the PS4 controllers. I like them better, but unless I've been really unlucky, it's definitely a step down in build quality.

Razzer581d ago


Yeah, I'm currently on a quest to find an older used Xbox One controller. They just feel better to me. But everyone's hands are different so....


I agree. PS4 controllers are not the best quality either. I actually replaced the thumbsticks on my PS4 controllers with the ones used in Xbox One Elite controllers because my thumbs kept slipping off during gameplay. So annoying.

yomfweeee581d ago

The fact that you have 7 controllers... probably means the wear and tear is spread out between them all.

gamer7804581d ago

@razzer i think i know what u are talking about, the newer ones feel lighter to me but to me that's better especially when u attach a chatpad which is a must for me. I think it happened when they changed some components like the bumpers, they didn't bounce back as well on older models. But if that heft is what you are looking for then yah older models probably what u want.

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Razzer581d ago


I’ve tried stuff like that in the past but never cared for them. The conversion to Xbox elite thumb sticks was definitely more involved but worth it to me.

chiefJohn117581d ago

True Razzer the 3rd model feels cheap made. They replaced the rubber grip the 2nd model had for a textured matte grip and the overall plastic feels less fine. I have the lunar white (2nd model) and the red blutooth controller (3rd model). The 2nd modeled controller for Xbox one is definitely the best just add blutooth and they'd be perfect. Model 1 lack a dedicated headphone jack and had dead zones in the bumper. 2nd model fixed all that and added rubber grips.

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Razzer581d ago (Edited 581d ago )


That's it exactly. Lighter or thinner plastic I guess. I like the slightly heavier feel of the previous version. Sucks cuz the bluetooth is more convenient as I don't have to use the wireless adapter.


The Lunar White is the one I want. My son has one of those and it is great.

Cobra951580d ago

@jakiah66, well, my point was that each had its "personality" from the moment I first plugged it in. If I felt that the looser springs or the clicky D-pad were defects, I could always have returned them (under warranty, or just returned them, period--within 14 or 30 days, or whatever the grace period is). Nothing else has broken or become worse since.

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MasterCornholio581d ago

Here's my experience from the Xbox One and PS4 controller that I own.

With the Xbox One controllers I never had an issue with the black controller that csme with my Xbox One X. However I did buy a red controller that I'm having two slight issues with. The left trigger feels a bit sticky and the right one makes a crunching sound when pressed in. It doesn't affect my gameplay which is why I still use it.

With my PS4 controllers my silver one is fine but the GoW controller that came with my GoW PS4 Pro has an issue with it. Basically sometimes it activates a face button when I push up on the right analog stick.

rainslacker581d ago (Edited 581d ago )

Personally, I don't have any problems with my X1 controller at home. The one's at work have been fine, and probably get more use than most people use their X1's around here. We have a lot of them there though, and they aren't always taken care of, so there have been a few that have not lasted the test of time. But we're talking about 30-40 controllers in the office, not just a few that one might have at home and use 3-4 hours a day, if that.

The PS4 controllers though,

I had two of the initial batch(one with the system, and a 2nd brought on launch), where the rubber came off the left analog stick on both. The right would likely come off if I used it more, and it's starting to tear a bit on one of them. I didn't get either fixed under warranty, and I'm kicking myself for it. I gave one away to a friend because he wanted a 2nd controller and had no money. The other I still use, but brought some replacement caps for the analog sticks...although the new ones I'm using have a tendency to slide off since the one's GameStop used to carry aren't available anymore:*(

A third controller which I got with the PS4P(redesigned with the light on the touchpad) started having a problem with one of the analog sticks after about a year or so, where the camera would drift, or you can't do certain things if the games dead zone was too big(or small, can't remember), and general, made for very choppy movement in many games. When I'm done typing this, I'll see about getting a replacement pad for it now that its on my mind. It just sits in a drawer now, so I keep forgetting about it.

A forth controller, a Red DS4(newer version) I just brought one day because it was on sale, has worked fine for about a year and a half now, and is my best controller. The texture has worn off the left analog stick, but other than that, it works fine.

I do have a couple other controllers, but they're still in the boxes, so I can't attest to their quality.

To be honest, while the DS4 feels like it has the best build quality of all the PS console controllers to date, I have had more go bad on me, than I've had controllers go bad on me for the entirety of my PS owning life. I don't have problems with the battery in the DS4. I don't have problems with the controllers when they work, as they work great, and I don't have a problem with the layout or general feel of the buttons. But the build quality is questionable. Maybe I'm just unlucky, and there was a known manufacturing defect in some of the initial DS4's which probably skewed my perception.

LeeFender581d ago

I have no clue what ya talking about. Ps4 dualsshock is the worst controller I've ever used when it comes to build quality. Went through 3 or 4 controllers, the rubber also comes off on the stick. Top shit tier.

Xbox One controller is best I ever used and no I am not fanboying it out. I own a ps4 pro, Xbox one x, Nintendo switch and a high end pc.

Razzer581d ago (Edited 581d ago )

"I own a ps4 pro, Xbox one x, Nintendo switch and a high end pc."

and that proves......? What? That you can brag? It doesn't prove you are not biased but obviously you think it does. Kind of an idiot argument, frankly.

rainslacker581d ago

I prefer the feel of the PS4 controller when they are working. The build does feel more solid than the X1 controller when they are working. But, there are things which happen in the course of a controllers life which make me think that there are issues with the DS4 manufacturing which need to be addressed, or better quality control needs to be implemented. The newer DS4's feel better than the originals, but I have had a mechanical issue with the one that came with my PS4P.

I have nothing against the X1 controller, I just don't agree with your personal assessment on the feel of the controllers. And I admit to having issues with several controllers above. But feel isn't the same as the actual build quality.

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Imortus_san581d ago

That's impossible, no controller can brick more them the PS3 controllers.

UltraAtomic581d ago

Left analog stick always messes up, however there bumbers are the shitty's crap about the whole controller. There soo cheap, just taking out those bumbers might make them break. Soo cheap compared to there originals.

rainslacker581d ago

I only have the one that came with the OGX1 at home, and it seems to work fine for me. the controller feels solid enough. The controls work fine in the games I play. No apparent lag or input issues that I can see. dpad feels off, but that's not a build problem, and I'm more used to the DualShock.

We have an ungodly number of controllers at work for dev kits and what nots, and I can say that they all seem to hold up pretty well. The only one two I know went bad was because someone spilled their soda on one, and the other one the internal battery terminals oxidized which caused them to not work anymore. That probably could have been easily remedied, but they just chucked it. I think I recall someone saying their shoulder button was sticking once, but never heard much about it, as they probably just replaced it. All those controllers at work get regular use though...some probably a hundred hours a week during testing phases. I wouldn't say our dev or testing crew are overly sensitive about making sure they take care of them, so I don't think it's as big an issue as you posit. I don't abuse the ones at my desk, but I've been known to toss them in frustration if I was struggling with some piece of code.

You say you get asked to repair them, so i assume you do repairs. I know I got asked to repair a lot of PS1/2's when I did repairs, but Sony would send the customer to me because I was an authorized Sony repair person, so my view was probably skewed.

Not saying that the controllers don't go bad, because obviously some will. But I don't think that's indicative of a general design or build problem of the controller themselves.

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XiNatsuDragnel582d ago

Still battery included? Booo if so

littletad582d ago (Edited 582d ago )

It's actually far better to include the option rather than a mandatory battery being installed. Especially if it can't be removed. The best control method for optimal input speed is with a wired usb cable. If you remove a battery from the xbox one controller, the controller will automatically read from the cable. It's a win-win scenario. You can buy a ten foot usb cable and you'll enjoy no more batteries ever while having the best possible input speed. (coupled with game mode/and/or gaming montior ms speed of course)

XiNatsuDragnel582d ago

Not bad I as long it's a battery pack then it works

Cobra951581d ago

Wrong place to point out this simple fact. We can choose and replace rechargeable batteries without breaking open the controllers. Also, some of us don't give two turds about batteries, because we use the controllers wired--which in the XONE case means truly wired even for input data to the gaming device (console or PC).

meka2611581d ago

Have no idea why you got downvoted, you're right options for batteries is better than one built in. My ps4 controller has no real charge anymore and the only choices I have are play with it plugged in often or get a new one.

SegaGamer581d ago

Like has been already said, I don't know how you are getting downvoted littletad. I would much rather have the option of using battery packs or AA rechargeable batteries than being forced to use one weak battery like we have for the PS4 controllers.

I have 16 AA rechargeable Batteries that last between 30-40 hours, I have had to charge them only a handfull of times in the last year. Now if anybody thinks this is a worse option than PS4's terrible battery life in their controller then they are lying.

You need to charge that thing up after one long gaming session. What is the point in having wireless controllers if it needs to be connected to console so often?

rainslacker581d ago

Include the option to remove, but make the one's that come with it rechargeable. It is possible to have replaceable rechargeable batteries come standard in the controller, MS just prefers to sell that as an added option. If you remove the batter from the DS4, it will also run off a USB. It's not as straight forward as it is in Xbox though. Personally, I don't usually have my batteries go dead on me while playing, and I do tend to play for extended periods. It happens sometimes in games with lots of rumble GT:Sport. I do have a cable for the phone on the end table though, so I just plug it in, and about 20 minutes later, it's usually fully charged. Otherwise, I just plug it into a charging dock when I'm done playing....which also sits on my end table.

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andibandit581d ago (Edited 581d ago )

Seriously if you had either of my DS4's which can hold a couple of hours of charge, you'd be longing for external batteries.
Sony's 1000mAh batteries are rubbish, AA rechargable batteries go upward of 3000mAh nowadays.

XxMajeSteRxX581d ago

As long they don’t include built in batt, i love the xbox one controllers very comfortable,the option to use recharge or regular is fine by me

gamer7804581d ago (Edited 581d ago )

i REALLY hope there isn't a battery thats built in.... i lovee having the option of AA rechargeable batteries . (or if you must a battery pack you can buy)

Razzer581d ago (Edited 581d ago )

There won't be. They make money selling a bunch of the play n charge kits.

sinspirit581d ago

They could just make the rechargeable battery removable. Both Sony and MS have external rechargeable battery packs for their controllers. Having an internal battery doesn't prevent that addition.

Razzer581d ago

Agree. Removable and rechargeable batteries would be the best option.

Cobra951581d ago

Rechargeable batteries eventually die; they get significantly weaker over time until they can no longer hold a charge. It makes no sense to shorten the lifespan of a controller to that of an ever-weakening internal battery. Batteries should always be user-replaceable, and I don't mean by using screwdrivers, prying tools and soldering irons.

sinspirit581d ago


That is mostly an exaggeration.

Modern rechargeable batteries last a very long time and lose a very small total capacity over time.

We shouldn't be buying AA's or AAA's every few weeks to power our remotes anymore. We should be using rechargeable AA's and AAA's to keep convenience with past products that still use them, but with the benefit of saving money, convenience, and saving waste. Those AA's and AAA's only last longer when the rechargeable battery has lower capacity.

You're right about being replaceable. They should make these rechargeable controllers have easy access to the batteries so we can buy extra for hot-swapping, expanding total capacity, and for several years down the road if your batteries were bad or did end up getting weak, you could easily swap them instead of opening the whole thing up, or buying a new controller.

rainslacker581d ago (Edited 581d ago )

I've been saying this for years. But apparently its better that they can just buy their own rechargeable batteries, or the overpriced play n' charge kit. Dunno why the Xbox fans would not want more value for their money. These controllers aren't cheap. I'd actually like it if Sony made the batteries removable as well, but I haven't really had issues with either controller going dead on me so often it's an annoyance. It's more a principal of the matter kind of thing for me.


that depends on the kind of battery technology being used. Most of the time modern batteries in some electronics don't recharge, or gain much of a charge or seem to discharge fast, because they rely on software to test the charge level, and that software doesn't gauge the charge at the right position every time you start charging, so the lack of charge grows over time. This can often be remedied by resetting the battery and software in a hard reset performed in a certain order, making sure the battery is fully discharged before doing this process. The PS4 battery doesn't use the kind of battery that will fail to hold a full charge in a short time. It also doesn't use a software test to determine the charge. Eventually, yes, you won't be able to charge it, but it'd take a decade or more of constant charges and discharges for that to happen. The amount of time it takes would probably see more damage to the battery terminals in a standard AA battery compartment through changing batteries before the average DS battery becomes unusable. Some exceptions will exist, but generally, the batteries in the DS are the kind that last an exceptionally long time. I have many PS3 controllers which are still going strong, and last for days of long play sessions. DS4 uses the same batteries, just smaller, and with more power drain.

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SkippyPaccino581d ago

For a controller people claim is the best, it always seems like it needs to improve... We've had what 3 controller refresh (if we count the elite) in one generation?

Dualshock 5 for the win!

Atanasrikard581d ago

Are you being deliberately obtuse? Or is it just the fanboy talking?

Let me use an analogy that may help you understand:

For a system people claim is the best, it always seems like it needs to improve... We've had, what, 2 system refreshes in one generation?

In other words, just because something is "the best" (somewhat subjective) doesn't mean it can't be improved upon.

SkippyPaccino581d ago (Edited 581d ago )

I'm merely talking about the controller... Console refresh have been around before xbox was even a thing.

As for the history of xbox one controllers, there was the original xbox one controller, then they refreshed it, and then the one s came out with another refreshed controller and then the Elite came out... All I read is that the Xbox controller is the best no questions asked, but keeps having to get refreshed since they didn't get it right the first time...

I'm merely poking fun at the fact that something can be "perfect" but has to keep being refreshed and no one bat's an eye...

OneLove581d ago

Well nothing is truly perfect and can always be improved.

rainslacker581d ago (Edited 581d ago )

Almost every major console has had improvements to it's controllers throughout gaming history. Even before the NES days, although they happened then as well. Sometimes, they just happened without anyone noticing, other times it was noted by the console makers, or obvious to those who used them.

There is always room for improvement, as being the best, doesn't mean that it can't be better.

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