Nintendo | PlayStation | Xbox New Year’s Resolutions

"It’s time to look ahead and see what lies ahead in the new year. Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony are setting the stage for a promising 2019, but there is one aspect – one resolution, as it were – that each should really be focusing on."

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DeadSilence578d ago

Switch - 720p 30fps
Ps5 + Scarlett - 4K 60fps

Happy New year & resolutions everybody 😂

Batchild27578d ago

one day Nintendo will have 4k....


Sony and MS will be at 16k by then but day

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PhoenixUp578d ago

“It might be a hard pill to swallow for even the staunchest of Nintendo fans, but the Switch is going to need a semi-serious upgrade if it wants to stay relevant.”

Why would that be the case? Switch is already a very relevant system, why would that just suddenly change?

Batchild27578d ago

The full statement explains it:

"It might be a hard pill to swallow for even the staunchest of Nintendo fans, but the Switch is going to need a semi-serious upgrade if it wants to stay relevant. Sony and Microsoft already have Nintendo edged out in hardware department, and both have all but confirmed new consoles in the works with rumors pointing to a release as early as 2020. As it stands now, Nintendo has been reaping benefits of its 1st-Party exclusives, deluge of indie titles, and the occasional Wii/Wii U port. If Nintendo doesn’t want to get lost in the buzz of brand new shiny next-gen consoles, it really needs to consider updating the Switch tablet every two years or so."

Technology and mid gen upgrades are making it so Nintendo can be farther behind the other companies than ever before. And we know how third party studios support Nintnedo when they lag too far behind. I just hope that doesn't happen.

TheEnigma313577d ago

Switch will be ok as long as they stay in their lane.

rainslacker577d ago

Being a portable also, I doubt any upgrade would be significant enough to warrant a new release. A full on home console with more power but Switch compliant may be more prudent, but given the fact that the carts used are expensive to produce, and you'd need bigger ones to handle the textures and content of a more capable home console, I don't see it really being a thing.

ApocalypseShadow578d ago (Edited 578d ago )

Although I would love for Sony to go all out on PSVR, it's highly doubtful Sony would push its main developers to make games for it this late in the game for this Gen. Having the freedom to choose is why we got games like GOW, Spider-Man, Horizon, Detroit and the upcoming games like Days Gone, Ghost of Tsushima and Death Stranding. That doesn't need to change. Freedom is what makes Sony's 1st party great. It would be nice if Sony San Diego made a simple multiplayer baseball game on the side though. Pitching and hitting would be great. As well as outfield.

It's also doubtful they'll change the tracking this late until next Gen. Unless they treat it as it's own platform and prepare for the obvious competition Microsoft will give them next Gen. Not only could Microsoft use the Windows MR hmds against Sony, they would have just as low a price, higher resolution and better tracking mostly that has analog sticks right off the bat. So, Sony may have to solve that sooner rather than later.

Most probable, they'll continue to make or support PSVR with their VR developers and maybe expand their teams with new hiring. Announce more games coming from Japan Studios and from North West and London Studios. And maybe a surprise announcement from SSM as they have experimented before on PS Move with GOW. While continuing to sell value bundles.

Oh, and maybe Plastic will produce another game or experience like Bound or Datura. Maybe Catzilla would fit the bill that they did with Platige Image

ApocalypseShadow578d ago

Oh I almost forgot. And have Impulse Gear makes a sequel to Farpoint. Or a new Aim title.

blawren4577d ago

Switch. Very simple. Continously improve Nintendo Switch online in 2019. This is the big issue.
PS4. Focus on 1st and 2nd party game development. next gen can wait
XBox Same as PS4