Xbox Game Pass: Just Cause 3, Life is Strange, Ark: Survival Evolved, and More This January

Lives are strange (even stranger in video games). Have you ever jumped into a game because you wanted to be someone else? Like a high school student with superpowers that can stop time, a sneaky invisible robot in space, or perhaps you just want to be a farmer riding his tractor all day. Maybe even be the tractor! Okay, you can’t be the tractor. But you can be so many other people thanks to January’s Xbox Game Pass titles!

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gangsta_red589d ago (Edited 589d ago )

Absolver and Aftercharge look really interesting. And of course Farming Simulator, can't wait to fire that up on my Xbox X and 4k TV!

Kribwalker589d ago

ybarra tweeted that there’s still a bunch more games to come too

lxeasy589d ago

Never played Ark Survival I hear really good things about it

Gaming4Life1981589d ago

I seriously almost just bought ark while it was on sale and im glad i didnt. Game pass is the greatest and its only getting better.

psuedo588d ago

Be glad you didn't waste your money.

The 10th Rider588d ago

Psuedo is right, it's not a bad game, but the optimization is so bad and the developers are so indifferent, I don't think I could stomach purchasing one of their games.

Sayai jin588d ago

It's a good survival game with a few twist. Optimization could better, but then again, the maps are open world with rich atmospheric and environmental detals, and hundreds to thousands of dinos roaming and ravaging the land. A lot of people stop playing becuase of the difficulty of the game. Play one of the older maps first like the Island or center. The game has been optimized quite a bit from when I first played back in 2016. Not the same game it was.

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Switch4One589d ago

More reasons to continue my subscription.

Kribwalker589d ago

the last two times it was on sale i bought the year (E3 was half price and black friday was half price) so i’m upped until june 2020. If they keep dishing out games like they have been i’m gonna buy it again next time its on sale before they do a price increase

Razzer589d ago (Edited 589d ago )

Might finally check out Ark on PC since it is Play Anywhere.

NarutoFox589d ago (Edited 589d ago )

You got game pass on PC? It's a little different than the Xbox version

Razzer589d ago

Yes, Game Pass works for games on PC as long as the game is a Play Anywhere game.

mcstorm589d ago

Aww sweet defo check this out. I'm moving to pc and switch as I now have less time to play games with having a baby and most of my xbox games are play anywhere so ditching xbox as I can't game online anymore due to little one waking up in the middle of a game so sticking to sp games for now and have the odd online when I can on pc seems my pc is powerful enough.

Got game pass thought as quite a few games I want coming out on it for play anywhere.

Sayai jin588d ago

Ark is alost a completly different game since 2016. Still has bugs, especially the new maps, but still is a good and challenging game to play. Theirs a grind to the game for sure, but it's addictive.

EddieNX 589d ago

I just subscribe when a major exclusive comes out, finish it within the month and then unsubscribe until the next one comes and try and play whatever else whilst I'm still subscribed. It's really flexible that way.
I'm.currently playing RDR2 so I'm unsubscribed ATM.

monkey602589d ago

I do the same. I also use it nearly as a preview for other systems. I always wondered if Ark would be my thing. Now I can try it and if I like it I may pick it up on the switch.

EddieNX 589d ago

Don't buy the Switch version it's supposed to be hurrendous!!!! I love my Switch but it's a rare example absolutely horrible Switch port, most of them being Impresive as handheld conversions.

I got Ark years ago on my XB1 it's good , but it's riddled with bugs and just feels lazily developed, great to try tho on Gamepass !!!

I mostly prefer physical copies for my games , but Gamepass is undeniably brilliant.

monkey602589d ago

Damn! Thanks for the heads up. I'll still try it through game pass anyway. Nothing to lose that way

The 10th Rider588d ago (Edited 588d ago )

Yeah, whatever you do don't buy the Switch version.

Razzer589d ago (Edited 589d ago )

Microsoft Rewards. I’m coming up on a year subscribed and I haven’t paid a dime.

RangerWalk267589d ago

Same here. But to be honest, I wouldn't mind at all paying out-of-pocket for the service. It's absolutely incredible. Such a huge value

DJStotty589d ago (Edited 589d ago )


quests within microsoft rewards, accrue points, spend points on things like xbox live vouchers, competition entries etc

Razzer589d ago

Yep. DJStotty is right.You can earn approx. 450 points a day by just doing searches with Bing and clicking on some links on the Rewards page. Hell, you can you do bing searches in MS Edge for the alphabet. Literally, just Bing the letter 'A' then 'B' then 'C' and so on to get your points. Takes less than five minutes to get your points.

So if you max out your 450 points a day then that will net you about 13,500 a month. Game Pass requires 9,000 points for one month. Or you you can wait and build up 17,500 points and get Game Pass for 3 months. That is what I typically do. There you go. Just a little work every day and you get Game Pass without paying a dime.


I agree. It is worth the money if you don't want to bother with MS Rewards.

Hyperstrada588d ago

I do the same bing points turn into free games pass. Why would anyone downvote your comment? 4so far why??

SquillieDeeWilliams588d ago

same here, I'm subbed through Feb 2020 and keep stacking more free months!! I definitely wouldn't mind paying for it though, its a great deal!

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optimus589d ago

i usually subscribe when they offer it for $1 which happens now.

conanlifts589d ago

I purchased the 12 month deal with Forza Motorsport and horizon free. I sold motorsport which meant it was elmost half Price and I still had horizon. Some of the deals are excellent and make it very affordable.

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littletad589d ago

So more games is somehow bad?

KillBill589d ago

Mike Ybarra made a comment on Twitter that January was going to be as good as December was on GamePass. Unless there are new release titles appearing later then that statement is looking to be false. Because December was awesome with new games like Ashen, Below and Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden.

588d ago
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