Slightly Mad clarify Project CARS 3 is less of a sandbox but more fun

Slightly Mad Studios’ CEO Ian Bell has elaborated on his earlier comments on Project CARS 3 giving us a better understanding of the direction of the upcoming racer.

mcstorm1992d ago

I need to revisit these games I got P cars on the Xbox one and it was just a mess. Tried the demo of 2 on the X but did not feel right compaired to fm7 but I now have a pc so may try them on here and see how it fairs.

As for 3 sounds intresting but I see there being a bit of a backlash from its core gamers but I'm all for change in games if it improves them so wait and see.

Mystogan1991d ago

I really don't see why anyone would play this if you can just play Forza.

Ricegum1991d ago

I prefer Project Cars.

Mystogan1991d ago

You probably don't have a gaming PC or an Xbox.

Ricegum1991d ago

I do, I use game pass on PC. I liked the recent Forza Horizon, put plenty of hours into it, but I prefer track racers and Project Cars is better for me than Forza.

Hyperstrada1991d ago

I like the track selection on PC2, better. I am tired of Forza's same tracks. The wheel has better feel in PC2 also. I have not tried FM7 in a while I know they updated the force feedback. maybe its good now? I alos like qualifying for a race in PC2 in single and MP. Causes less pileups in the first turn.

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Movefasta19931991d ago

they handle way better on pc, especially with a controller The console ports are lazy

mcstorm1989d ago

Are sweet ill defo give this a try then

Nacho_Z1991d ago

Great game handling and graphics wise but the career mode could have been better.

rahul88881990d ago (Edited 1990d ago )

I hope they succeed, just to shake up the status quo a bit. That being said, I will be really, really amazed if this new console is even remotely successful. Beyond just making quality, affordable hardware, they will need a seriously impressive lineup of AAA and indie games at launch to tempt anyone.


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Super Smash Bros creator Masahiro Sakurai has finished recording his YouTube video series amidst rumors of a new entry in the series.

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ZeekQuattro21h ago

New Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Deluxe.


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Hidetaka Miyazaki 'knows for a fact' other FromSoftware devs want a Bloodborne PC port

Keep that hope alive, PC gamers.

Huey_My_D_Long1d 15h ago

Honestly a bloodborned PS5 Remaster and PC Port would have gone really well especially for this dry spell we seem to be in.

got_dam1d 10h ago

I think he is saying only bloodborne can make him wet.

Skuletor1d 4h ago

They're probably referring to first party games.

8bitAssassin3h ago

Poor him. I have too much to play and it's not even funny.

VincentVanBro1d 9h ago

Bud were you here for 2023? We’re drowning mate, no dry spell in sight.

-Foxtrot1d 10h ago (Edited 1d 10h ago )

It’ll happen at the PS6 launch in my opinion

We might get a PS6 Remake for launch like they did with Demons Souls for the PS5. The PC port may follow who knows.

Inverno1d 10h ago

I just wanna be walking around with my Deck playing Bloodborne like a absolute nerd on full blast so people can hear the shrieks.

VersusDMC1d 9h ago

"But there are millions of PC gamers out there still holding onto hope"

Game gets announced...and the complaints pile in to justify piracy. It's old so it should be 20 dollars, psn requirement means no buy but i will pirate, it's just a port they didn't even remake it and it doesn't have every graphics option ever so I'm getting the torrent.

Skuletor1d 4h ago

Even so, that shouldn't have prevented Sony from releasing a FPS/resolution patch or upgraded PS5 release by now.

VersusDMC1d 3h ago

Maybe the From Software engine is such a mess that it is not worth the cost or time for Sony. Bloodbourne is one of the lowest selling souls games.

And even with Elden Ring selling 20+ million they still haven't patched the PS5 version to play at 60fps. Only way to play elden ring on PS5 at 60fps is to play the PS4 version on PS5.

But maybe Bluepoint is working on a remake as that would be the only thing they could charge full price for and be worth the time and money.

Chard23h ago

Most FromSoftware fans would rather a port with the original art intact over a remake that messes with the assets and atmosphere

Elda1d 8h ago (Edited 1d 8h ago )

But instead Sony gives PS5/PC owners an option to buy a PS5/PC Until Dawn remaster/rework this year, something I highly doubt PS fans asked for. A Bloodborne PS5/PC remaster is highly anticipated among fans.

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