LEGO Lord of the Rings Delisted, Ghostbusters May Follow

From GameWatcher: "LEGO Lord of the Rings delisted from Steam, along with LEGO The Hobbit? That what it certainly looks like, as both of TT Games' Middle-Earth LEGO titles have been pulled with no explanation - and fans are wondering if Activision's Ghostbusters game will be gone next.

It's certainly not the only recent Steam casualty of licenses changing hands, but the weird thing about these is - the Middle-Earth license, like TT Games, is still owned by Warner Bros. So why have these games been delisted?"

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rainslacker515d ago

The middle earth license may be part of WB, but what about the Lego license? There is also the factor of if Lego and WB can be used together and licensed for Video games in this way. Since other Lord of the Ring games aren't being delisted, I think this might have more to do with the Lego license, or the Lego/Lord of the Rings dual license. Or it was always just a short term agreement to use all the licenses together.

So on and so forth. Licensing can be tricky. Ghostbusters is a solely owned IP, so one's first inclination shouldn't be if another WB owned franchise is due for the axe.

Elwenil515d ago

I got both of these for free recently from Humble Bundle. I wonder if that was a way of saying "goodbye" or something.

SegaGamer515d ago

Now we know why they were offered for free twice. I originally thought it was Humble Bundle giving everyone an early Christmas present.

515d ago
anonymousfan515d ago

Can you still download them from your library?

traumadisaster515d ago

I've a few games that lost their store page but can still be downloaded, so it probably will work the same.

MasterChief3624515d ago

Historically I've only ever heard of 2 games that were delisted and couldn't be redownloaded. PT on the PS4, and some multiplayer-only game on Steam. I'm sure there are plenty of cases, but the 99.99999% case is that if you bought it, you will be able to download and play it for the foreseeable future, Wii Shop Channel closing down notwithstanding.

Elwenil514d ago

I am downloading The Hobbit on Steam right now. Seems to be working normally. I figured I better try it to be sure, lol.

Sgt_Slaughter514d ago

Another digital game (in this case maybe three) bites the dust forever. Congrats if you have a physical disc or want to get it used somewhere, because you still can!