Great Stories Still Reign Supreme In Video Games

Earlier this year, I was beginning to lose faith in this current generation of gamer. The youth seem to be enthralled with games that lack a certain aspect that drove me to play so many games when I was young. That aspect was the inclusion of an encapsulating story...

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Hardiman900d ago

Great write up and it describes my sentiment as well. I go out of my way to expose my kids, friends and family to narrative driven games. My sons were able to slow down and experience GOW, Shadow of the Colossus, Detroit, Spider-Man among others this year and they loved them! I lent GOW and Detroit to my cousin and he and his oldest son really enjoyed them!

There's no denying Fortnite's success and others like it but when everything is right here and right now, it's good to slow it down sometimes and experience some emotion and experience stories that resonate and build memories.

Whether it's a good book, movie or game, I think it's so important for us to experience these creative narratives. So thankful for Sony and the others who still focus on great storytelling!

Mcurry31900d ago

I couldn't have said it better myself! Fortnite and other games like it are fun every once in a while, but there's nothing like playing through a detailed story. With more technological innovation, creators have a stronger outlet to produce their quality work. I'm happy there are still some creators out there that aren't afraid to push the limits.

Hardiman900d ago

The tech innovations really allow those who have the talent to deliver some heavy hitters. GOW as a whole in incredible but the ending with the most minute details captured from the actors through mo cap is unbelievable! The exchange between Kratos, Atreus and Freya is out of sight! The emotion conveyed through their faces gave me chills! I can't even imagine what they will bring as tech continues to grow.

The Wood900d ago

Yep. Also as I get older I get less time to play long uninterrupted sessions of gaming. . Used to love it. Now. . Sometimes I just want to drop out ie get to a save point and do life. Games with nutrition are way more appealing to me now more than ever. Memorable stories on top of memorable experiences. Now you can have absolute memorable experiences in mp games. . Trust me, me and friends had great times with hired guns, unreal tournament, to couch games like dynablaster, sensible soccer, ik+ etc. No story but great times. . Nowadays games are merging experiences of film and gaming with deeper stories and higher production quality. I hope it continues. . There's space for the fortnites and God of wars. Let's appreciate them all

-Ghost900d ago

Well said, brother. In relation to that, I can't wait to see what Naughty Dog does with The Last of Us 2.

Happy new year. Wishing you all the best for 2019!

Hardiman899d ago

Happy New Year to you as well!

UCForce900d ago

Single Player game is still my favorite gaming.

Stanjara900d ago

Good for you! I try to educate my nephew, but without success. Fortnite, pubg, and now Ark. I try every day tho!

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Smokehouse900d ago (Edited 900d ago )

A good story is useless in games without good gameplay. I can’t stand fortnite or any battle royale game and I rarely player multiplayer shooters but the narrative is still second on my list. When games start being barely interactive movies then I’m done. I will just watch movies...

pietro1212900d ago

Huge difference between what those studios mentioned are doing compared to developers that actually focus on interactive movies (Quantic Dream) is doing in terms of gameplay and storytelling.

Smokehouse900d ago

I’m not saying otherwise, I said when games start doing this and the article implies that narrative driven games are the “evolution” of gaming and I disagree. Meaning more narrative and better narrative make the better game.

God of War was my GOTY last year as well and the story was fantastic but it was fun to play and perfectly paced. If it wasn’t then the story wouldn’t have meant much. I don’t think the narrative is the driving force behind games.

rainslacker900d ago (Edited 900d ago )

Narrative doesn't preclude game play. There are mp and sp games which have weak game play. Evolution can come from many places, but it's becoming more rare nowadays. Mp in general follows all the same few formulas with less variance within individual formulas than you may see in sp games. This is mostly because mp games don't go over so well if they're too complex.

I wouldn't say strong narratives make a game better. But it may make weak game play more tolerable.

Smokehouse900d ago

“I wouldn't say strong narratives make a game better. But it may make weak game play more tolerable.”
I agree with that. I played through soma because I liked the story and nothing more. Soma would have been better as a book or movie imo.

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Chaos_Order900d ago

A comment I regularly see from people is something along the lines of "If you care about story so much, read a book!" As someone who spends about as much time reading books as I do playing games, if not more, I find that a rather narrow-minded thing to say. Every medium has its own strengths and weaknesses when it comes to storytelling and every single one is more than viable. Sure, some people will favour certain mediums above others; that's what preferences are, but then you have the elitist, narrow-minded views that some people are "simple" or have something wrong with them for liking story-driven, narrative focused games.

Kill Bill would make for a pretty trashy novel.
What Remains of Edith Finch would make for a poorly-conceived movie.
House of Leaves would make for a rather dull video game.

But in their own mediums, they shine. How about that? And then there's everything in between, graphic novels, manga, live theatre, epic poetry, animation... Everything has its place. Heck, the radio series "On The Hour" is, in my opinion, one of the greatest satirical works and accomplishes this without any visuals whatsoever. In fact, it couldn't have been done any other way!

But of course stories are for the nerds and the snowflakes and the hipsters. *Flexes muscles in Xbro*

If you don't like narrative driven games, that's perfectly fine, just don't look down on those who do.

Hardiman900d ago

Really well said and I've never understood the negativity that often is directed at games that have meaty narratives or the gamers that love them. I like you examples of how certain stories play to their strengths through their respective mediums.

What gets me is people who do the flexing take a lot for granted because nerds come in all shapes and sizes. I'm 6'4,250 lbs, work out regularly and play ball with my sons but I also have them write creative essays, recommend books, movies and games for them because I want them to be as well rounded as they can.

Skankinruby900d ago

Of course they do, no one ever ACTUALLY doubted this. Incentive to continue a game withers very fast without an appealing story. Gameplay and storytelling rely on each other almost equally to make a great game.

Imalwaysright900d ago

Bullshit. Pong, Pac man, Tetris, Sonic, Super Mario Bros, Donkey Kong, Streets of Rage, Souls games, Diablo, Castlevania, Age of Empires, MK, Crazy Taxi, Street Fighter, GT, Mega Man, Civilization, Forza etc etc etc. Since the very 1st game ever made it has been proven time and time again that a story isn't at all needed for a game to be played or to be a masterpiece. Just stop you sound so retarded.

Skankinruby900d ago

Lol sit your stupid ass down. Just because depth and substance dont matter to a simple mind like yours spare me your silly arrogance as if its factual. Every single game you listed can be picked up and put down in 3 minutes or 1 hour and it changes nothing. No drive to keep playing without insane redundancy. You're the only retarded one here kid.

Imalwaysright900d ago (Edited 900d ago )

What depth are you talking about? You'd be lucky to find 1 game with a decent story in a pile with 100 games. Maybe you're satisfied with crappy stories that have the depth of a thimble but not all of us are because some of us have standards.

"very single game you listed can be picked up and put down in 3 minutes or 1 hour and it changes nothing" So can every game ever made. Is this the best you can do?

I rather be arrogant than an insecure soy boy that can't stand when others have different opinions so you resort to name calling.

Also yes its factual that these games are generally loved by the ones that played them. If that hurts your feelings that's your own damn problem. What isn't factual is the crap you spewed. Not when the most successful games of all time rely on gameplay. Games like Tetris, CoD, Minecraft, Fortnite, Fifa, DOTA, Super Smash Bros, WoW. Hell even GTA got a huge boost in sales due to multiplayer.

Skankinruby900d ago (Edited 900d ago )

You're like a little chihuahua who thinks he's tough because he put a spike collar on. You're not actually saying anything but you coat your nonsense with arrogance as if you have somehow outwitted me.

I never once attacked gameplay or said it wasn't important, you're the one who got mouthy and said a meaningful campaign doesn't matter. Sales of games like the last of us, God of war, uncharted, spiderman, would all surely beg to differ. The Last of Us in particular is one of the most respected games ever made because of its CHARACTERS and STORYTELLING.

I grew up on all these games you're talking about, I just finally picked up on the redundant mess Nintendo had become and left them behind. They were fantastic at the time because we didn't know any different. Now I want a real reason to keep playing a game, not repetitive gimmicky crap just to kill time. Never once did I imply that people who only care about gameplay are wrong, I just heavily disagree. Super Metroid was a fantastic game, the reason I kept playing it was those few minutes at the very beginning when Samus tells her backstory and the adventure she's about to take on. It made me want to find out what happened to her next.

But your statements are like attempting to preach to me that I Love Lucy re-runs are real TV and The Godfather is trash. It's just amusing to read, but keep it coming I can do this all day.

Imalwaysright899d ago

I never "attacked" story driven games and yes it seems that I did outwit you just based on the fact that I live in the real world. Time to get back to reality soy boy. I said that games with great stories are rare to find in this industry. I said that games do not rely on stories to be great and gave examples. I also said that the most successful games are the ones that rely on gameplay. Where did I attack story driven games soy boy? Where did you see me saying that they were bad?

"you're the one who got mouthy" Don't lie soy boy.

"They were fantastic at the time because we didn't know any different" Not "we", you and fyi games that rely on gameplay are the most successful in this industry even today so I'm afraid that gamers still know better.

"Now I want a real reason to keep playing a game, not repetitive gimmicky crap just to kill time" Every game is repetitive. Every single one of them. What the hell are you talking about?

"But your statements are like attempting to preach" Oh the irony soy boy. You that got triggered because I said that Nintendo was the most successful publisher of the big 3 because they were better at doing gameplay than the other 2. Don't give me your bullshit ok soy boy?

The Wood899d ago

You're correct. There are many great games without a story or deeper meaning. This whole passage I've just skimmed is pointless.

I'm off to play Tetris effect then play a lil God of war on game+

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