T3: Nintendo DSi deconstructed

The new Nintendo DSi is out in Japan next month (and the UK next spring) and is sure to be greeted with the usual scenes of slightly hysterical J-Popsters mugging for the cameras of Famitsu magazine snappers in an Akihabara electronics emporium.

Over in the UK, the reaction to the announcement to date has been slightly more subdued. Greg Howson, writing in the Guardian, claimed that the DSi failed to excite him and that "a low-spec camera, slimmer case and a download service is hardly getting the pulses racing."

However, criticising a new bit of gaming kit because it is not a revolutionary all-singing, all-dancing mega-toy that blows the previous iteration out of the water is slightly disingenuous. Nintendo has made no hyped-up promises about DSi being 'the future' and the company is firmly positioning DSi as an evolution rather than a revolution. Much like Apple does with its annual iPod refresh.

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zoydwheeler4275d ago

I can't wait till March. And I realise they are region-locked... but I just ordered one in on import...

Fernando Rocker4274d ago

Again... there is a lot of bad information:

The DSi is not region locked. You can still play your imported copies of Ouendan or Jump Superstar on an american DSi.

The only that is region locked is the DSWare, the downloadable titles.

Calcio4274d ago

Is it worth getting one if you don't already have a DS? Yep
Is it worth upgarding from a DS? Perhaps
Is it worth upgrading from a DS lite? Nope.

Tomdc4275d ago

it doesn't really excite me, i dont like the DS really

zoydwheeler4275d ago

You borrow one, or buy an old cheap one off eBay, and play the last Zelda. It is an almost perfect game.

DevilsJoker4274d ago

It said 'Discontinued' i was going to say that was quick!

zoydwheeler4274d ago

DSi - better screen, cameras, generally better, new games on horizon

clashcityrockerkat4274d ago

That it's not much different to the previous model, but I'm still going to get one. And maybe buy three extras, from Japan, to sell on eBay int he UK and make a killing