Top 5 2019 Video Game Releases We Are Worried About

There are a lot of incredible video games set to release this 2019 such as the long-awaited Kingdom Hearts III and Resident Evil 2 2019. However, there are some games that look incredible but also have us nervous in their execution. Here are the top 5 games we are worried about releasing in 2019.

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thatguyhayat52d ago

I have absolute faith in respawn just as the article says, its worrying what E.A will do. Hopefully they use their head and not over shadow it like titanfall 2

Nodoze52d ago

Not even a screenshot has leaked. Does not bode well.

sander970252d ago

I've heard that Star Wars: Jedi: Fallen Order will be the spiritual successor to Force Unleashed 2 and not only that but also singleplayer only while Battlefront 2 will keep acting as the multiplayer focus for EA Star Wars through 2019. I really hope those rumors are true because I really want Force Unleashed 3 and I also like playing Battlefront 2 even though it had a rough start so more things added would be nice.

Sam Fisher52d ago

Is it so hard to make a new lightsaber dueling game thats not arcade feeling? I miss unleashed... jedi knight outcast was a beast...

Saigon52d ago

I have to agree with this list, I am worried for anthem and star wars. Everything I heard and saw with both games is promising. Sad to say both are I hope they are able to pull it off.