Grand Theft Auto Makes PlayStation Classic the Most Important Console in Ages

You can read a lot of different messages into Nintendo’s curations, but what Nintendo and Sony have done with the Classic systems is bring the past into the present based on what they think their audiences would like to play. It’s not exactly what the best games were back then, but which kinds of games have endured since.

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sampsonon938d ago (Edited 938d ago )

Sony will love you for this article. The console is supposedly not selling very well and is getting negative press for the most part. Now in the age of anti-social justice gaming running rampant in gaming forums where gamers will either buy or not buy a game if they feel social justice Liberals are trying to tell them what to do, this info will surely motivate some gamers to buy the console just to spite the left.

good job bud.


FunAndGun938d ago

You're trying way too hard dude.

sampsonon937d ago

thanks :) and Happy New Year.

sampsonon937d ago

look at what happened to BF5. and you think i should get a grip? lol ok

bigmalky938d ago

Who cut your hairoffoff, Sampsonon?

PoopsMcGee938d ago

Haha. Love it. Keep on keeping on, man.

franwex938d ago

Why does everything have to be so political all the time? Can’t we just get over it in a video game site?

EazyC938d ago

The word 'Liberal' doesn't even seem to mean anything anymore. One of the most bizarrely misattributed words in modern parlance.

sampsonon937d ago

"The word 'Liberal' doesn't even seem to mean anything anymore."

you can say the same thing about the word "Conservative".

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Segata938d ago

It's the PAL version and it runs really slow.

RosweeSon938d ago

And the games aren’t what I’d call classic

mastershredder938d ago

“But that Grand Theft Auto nihilism extends even into those games: under that mission’s lens, any life has capital value. We’ve rarely had such an intimate and accurate mirror.”...................... .......

Holy shhhheeeeeeeeet. Did that just happen? This is about a game console/game........I’m glad we got a youtbubian psychological breakdown, cause shit man, this reads like some serial killer gamer article.

I love the assumed inclusion into the ideology. Cray Crayyyyy!

jmtstan938d ago

going back to classic style control feels weird for GTA... but anyway Sony should let go and do a better one for PlayStation 2 classic line up... if they use the PCSX2 as the core.... then expect something like bleemsync pretty soon after its out.

SirenAries938d ago

A ps2 mini would be awesome. So would a dreamcast mini

SickSinceSix938d ago

A dreamcast mini that includes all the platforms fighting games would be reason enough for me to pick one up.

EazyC938d ago

Dreamcast mini would be pretty great.

jmtstan937d ago

A dreamcast mini with all its launch titles, plus 10 more top dreamcast games like daytona usa, metropolis street racer, doa2.

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Appreciate the ridiculous, sensationalized headline. The fact of the matter is this thing was a total dud that doesn’t even run its own games property. Not only is it not “the most important console in ages”, it’s not even worthy of existing due to its extremely poor technical performance.

Stop validating bad products for clicks.

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The story is too old to be commented.