Why Batman Arkham Origins is All You Need This Christmas

A lot of people forget about the severely underrated Batman: Arkham: Origins, developed by WB Games Montréal. Green Man Gaming discuss why the game is a worthy entry in the series and perfect for the holiday season.

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Yi-Long561d ago

Always seemed like a great game to me. At the time, ome of the main criticisms thrown at it was that it was just more of the same, instead of a new big innovative step which we've seen between the main (Rocksteady) Arkham games.

To me, that was never going to be a deal-breaker. I didn't mind 'more of the same', and the prospect of playing basically a 'Year One' version of Batman, was enticing.

That said, I never picked it up, never played it. The usual WB DLC greed was the reason I skipped it at launch, and it never received a Complete release. Once current-gen came along, I moved on to newer games instead.

Would love a current gen remaster, and wouldn't be surprised to see it bundled in with a special edition of the rumoured new Arkham game from this studio.

isarai561d ago (Edited 561d ago )

Gameplay wise it's my favorite of the last gen batman games, simply because the boss fights were really REALLY good! whereas rocksteady for whatever reason just cannot for the life of them figure out how to make a good bossfight.

IamTylerDurden1560d ago

It's odd, but Asylum and Arkham Knight were very weak as far as boss fights were concerned. I love the Rocksteady Arkham games, but when you think about it the games weren't as perfect as they originally appeared. Story and boss fights were both weak, and they never had pedestrians or a living breathing world. Even in Gotham City. Then it takes 4 games until we get the Batmobile and we get an overdone tank. It was honestly one of the worst parts of the game. Bruce Wayne was severely under utilized as well. There was opportunity to explore both the Bat and the man. I also thought Batman & Robin campaign co op would've been implemented at some point as well.

extermin8or559d ago

@IamTylerDurden1 arkham knight in particular was a let down on the boss fight front. They overdue the batmobile a fair bit in that game unfortunately and literally every boss fight became a frigging tank battle. One or two would have sufficed.... I think the exception to this was actually the riddler which you only unlocked if you worked our all his riddles and the big boxing guy in the film studios with robin and Harley Quinn and joker in the bat girl DLC. More of that would have been good, not as good as the brilliant deathstroke boss battle or the bane battles from origins or Rahs al ghul boss from arkham city.

Bane35560d ago

Nah dont need a remaster i rather see them another batman arkham origins 2 or some other new batman game

gangsta_red559d ago

Would love to go back to this game. But I was one of the person's that when I first played it I felt it was "more of the same". I just couldn't continue the game because of that. I loved the premise of the story but it definitely just felt like added DLC instead of it's own game.

With that said. If I were to get this game again I would probably try and finish it.

JonTheGod559d ago

It *did* receive a Complete Edition with all the DLC. I know this because I own it.

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chris235560d ago

i don‘t think so. i don‘t suppirt games whose only justification is „same old with a higher number behind the title“. these kind of low efforts should not be supported by anyone - the industry would be a better place. but no.

Furesis560d ago

what do you know? spouting your own opinions as if they are facts. if i like something why wouldn't i like more of the same. yes sometimes it's refreshing when devs change the formula but that can backfire too. Many games have died just because of that. I think you're talking about games that are obviously trying to milk the consumer (games whose names shall not be said) i'm with you on those, but good sequels that are the same ish? naah, you're tripping

EmperorDalek560d ago

It was garbage. Poor dialogue and scripting, uninteresting story, combat was somehow worse than previous games. It was made by a B team, and it showed.

AK91560d ago

kevnb560d ago

I wanted to like it, but its missing all the little things that made the Rocksteady games great.

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