Gears of War 2 Official Launch Trailer

15 years after emergence day the fight for survival continues. Gears of War 2 Launch Trailer.

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fufotrufo4612d ago (Edited 4612d ago )


If someone finds this on HQ it ASAP!

Monchichi0254612d ago

I think I just soiled my pants!!! SO SICK!!!

Lord Vader4612d ago (Edited 4612d ago )

HQ found here:

edit: Woops - sorry Fishy beat me to it.

Bnet3434612d ago

Holy sh*t! Awesome! Gears of War 2! Ownage November 7th noobs!

chanto234612d ago (Edited 4612d ago )

Awesome...can't wait...i have so many games and so little time :(
Games i bought the past week and will buy next week:

-NBA 2K9 (360 version)
-Bioshock PS3 (still unopened, waiting for patch LOL)
-Little Big Planet
-FAR CRY 2 (PS3 version for the trophies :p)
-Dead Space (1 more trophy to go)
-Socom (waiting for the trophy patch to really get into it)
-Mercenaries (pre-owned for the trophies :p)
-GTA4 (pre-owned for the trophies :p)
-Pre ordered Gears 2 Limited Edition
-Pre ordered Resistance 2 regular edition
-Pre ordered CoD:WaW
-Pre ordered Mirror's Edge
-Pre ordered Prince of Persia
-Pre ordered Left 4 Dead

WOW!!!!!! i mean...i've never bought so man y games in the same year...NEVER... BEST GAMING YEAR EVER SO FAR!!!!

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4612d ago
Mr PS34612d ago (Edited 4612d ago )

Was the "You must be 18 to view"
This game has nothing on Resistance 2
And Who cares if Adam Fenix is On the phone at the end telling no one he's still alive
What a Baboon

Edit 360boy
Yeah right you stupid Baboon
MGS4,Uncharted to name a few say Hi

P.S Hope you Get RRoD when you put this pile of Crap in your crap console

Thy Silly little Bot

360 man4612d ago

'This game has nothing on Resistance 2'


i think a certain sony fanboy is in denial

this looks better than anything released or to be released on ps3 to date

You bought an Xbox4612d ago

Your the one in denial

Ha Ha
You bought an Xbox

Ha Ha
Gears 2 should be Free DLC

Ha Ha

The Stuttttterer4612d ago

And the Game is Gonna be S S S S So S S S Sh Sh Sh!t

360 man4612d ago


Fishy Fingers4612d ago

Why not just write *look at me* *look at me* because thats what your comments all about really.

Kick ass trailer!

360 man4612d ago

wow look at how many stuff is happening on screen at once

look at those huge crowds of cogs and huge armys of locust all being rendered with the 360 gpu

truly breath taking

elorm94612d ago (Edited 4612d ago )

In one of the gameplay segments, I saw like 7 of those alien things in the whole environment... :|

Of course, people will disagree, but the only time we ever saw so many aliens was during the cut scenes.

MiloGarret4612d ago

You actually sat there and counted them? That is sad man, lol, get a life.

shazam4612d ago

if you cant count to seven you need to get a life.

elorm94612d ago

Judging from the Xbox's sytem deaths, I think it's safe to assume that you should know how to count by now

thewhoopimen4612d ago

I'll give credit where credit is due and most certainly geow2 has some of the best art direction going for it. But if you are going to tell me that you will encounter more than 5-7 enemies per firefight engaging you... i will heartily disagree. What they were able to push out with the Unreal 3 middleware engine is amazing. But one thing this engine does not seem to be able to handle this gen (maybe in unreal 4) is supporting more than 8-10 AI threads per any given encounter and that includes ur teammates. But enough with that.

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