PS3 Gunmetal Grey Metal Gear Solid 4 Kojima Bundle Now $400 at Amazon

CheapyD of CheapAssGamer writes:

"Heads up, those MGS4 Gunmetal Grey PS3s we posted last week dropped $50 to $400 at Amazon."

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Pennywise4656d ago

As they should its an old 40gig.

morganfell4656d ago

But if you look at what is included then it is like getting a 40GB for just a little over 300 - I just preordered one. You get the limited edition and for less than a 100 bucks I will do what I did with my 60GB PS3 and drop one of these babies in:

freakyzeeky4655d ago

I just want the casing and controller for my 60gb PS3. :)

ultimolu4655d ago

...I want that color. Dx