PlatinumGames Babylon's Fall Might Get New Info in 2019; Square Enix Devs Tease New Games

More info on PlatinumGames' Babylon's Fall could come next year according to its Producer, while Square Enix developers tease new games.

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gamingunited53d ago (Edited 53d ago )

I didn't even know about this game till about a week or so ago when I was on their website and saw it. I can't wait to hear more, I love Platinum's games. When they are given a proper budget and the time they need they can make some of the best games in the industry.

Abriael53d ago

I'm trying to wait until we see *something* of it before getting excited lol.

gamingunited50d ago

Honestly, I get pretty excited about anything from Platinum Games. They are really one of my favorite devs, and it seems like these days they are getting the respect and thus budgets they deserve.

If you look at all their "bad" games it's obvious they were all projects that were underfunded. And I bet if people knew how little they made those games for it would actually be impressive they were as good as they were.

Venox200850d ago

I agree..they are one of my favourite devs since when they were Clover (Okami, Viewtiful joe 1&2, God Hand)

Italiano123456750d ago

Pc and ps4. Even when the 1st trailer launched it said pc and ps4. Do the research.

NarutoFox50d ago

Then why is Xbox tagged in the article

Obscure_Observer49d ago


"Then why is Xbox tagged in the article"

Abriael made a mistake or he actually know something that we don´t. This game will only be avaliable on PS4 and Steam. There´s no mention of Xbox or even Windows 10 PC.

Gotcha550d ago

Come on buddy you know Platinum Games don't run on your Emachine?

Italiano123456750d ago

Not coming to xbox kiddies. Only pc and ps4

Fishy Fingers50d ago

New info? The teaser implied the game is due in 2019.

gangsta_red50d ago

Platinum also released some footage of Granblue Fantasy and that looks fantastic.

NarutoFox50d ago

One of my most anticipated game this year.

FernDiggidy49d ago

The combat system looks great as usual. Thank you, Platinum!