IGN: Sonic Unleashed UK Hands-on

You have to feel for SEGA's spiky blue mascot – the days when he went toe-to-toe with Mario for the crown of console king are drifting further and further away, and while Nintendo's moustached wonder continues to be the embodiment of platforming finesse, Sonic's been subjected to a seemingly endless procession of humiliations.

A nadir was well and truly reached with 2006's Sonic the Hedgehog, an unmitigated disaster of a game that managed to be both stupendously dull – thanks to its archane hub world – and stupendously brutal, thanks to one of the most disobedient cameras ever to grace a 3D game. If that wasn't enough to sully the hedgehog's once good name, its plot also made a truly regrettable detour into the realms of bestiality.

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