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PhoenixUp297d ago

Why would Microsoft ever allow for a Banjo-Kazooie remake or remaster on Switch?

Geobros297d ago

If the game sells well Microsoft will have benefits I think.

Protagonist296d ago

So you are saying Mario/Zelda/Pokemon games should be on Playsation because nintendo will have benefits. Good call Geobros I will quote you on that.

PhoenixUp297d ago

Microsoft would rather people just buy Rare Replay than actually releasing a remake or remaster on another platform

Neonridr296d ago

because MS would make some money from the licensing to Nintendo. Unless they actually plan on releasing a game ever themselves they would be wise to allow this to happen.

Some money is better than no money afterall.

PhoenixUp296d ago

In that case why not just release more of their games on different platforms? Halo would sell as much on PlayStation as a Banjo-Kazooie remake would on a Nintendo console

Protagonist296d ago

You know as well as I do that nintendo/switch begging is on another level... do not even start to comprehend.

amazinglover296d ago

Yeah but Halo is a system seller and Banjo-Kazooie is not so MS would have more to gain from keeping one off another system over the other. Banjo-Kazooie would sell better on the switch as that is more of its audience and Halo would sell better multi-plat but sell less MS consoles as a direct result so it will never sell on another platform other than windows.

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Fritzwochel297d ago

No please. Enough remasters already. Bring some new content.

Neonridr296d ago

There are plenty of games that would be worthy of remasters.

King_Noctis296d ago

There are already alot of new contents announced and coming. This is just icing on the cake.

FallenAngel1984297d ago

With how much Nintendo loves to rerelease its titles, I’m surprised how few GameCube and Wii games have been rereleased thus far.

Kainbrightside296d ago (Edited 296d ago )

Hasn't that been a thing this whole gen for every platform thats what it seems like at least I mean dark souls, the last of us, GTA 5 , crash, Spyro, resident evil, etc...

mcstorm296d ago

Spot on people forget things like this. Plus even though Nintendo have given us a lot of wiiu ips for me they deserved to be as the wiiu sales were poor but the games were amazing. Ide not had as much fun with a Nintendo console since the snes before the wiiu. Great to see the switch getting them now

FallenAngel1984296d ago

Games have been getting rereleased long before this generation

neomahi296d ago

I don't get today's generation. They want the Xbox One X, but want to play Xbox 360 games on it--or even worse, Super Nintendo. Why command cutting edge technology when you're not even going to use it? That was the launch of the PS4. I get that Sony want solid relationships with developers for later down the road but, indie games are just a kick in the junk. Why are gamers so afraid of moving forward? Why can't they just get over the past? Why pay $60 to play a game on a current gen console when you can buy them for a fraction of the cost on last gens console? What an irrational way of thinking, Remasters, brother.....

TekoIie296d ago

"That was the launch of the PS4. I get that Sony want solid relationships with developers for later down the road but, indie games are just a kick in the junk."

Maybe because power =/= quality? Indies deliver a far better experience these days than the AAA publishers with their enormous budgets. The main problem with high budget games these days is that the money feels like it's sunk into the visuals and animations. These are 90% of the time not a major part of what makes a game good.

Gears 1 was a graphical marvel at launch but without such a refined cover system, 3rd person gameplay and solid multiplayer it would've been thrown into the trash a few weeks later. Of all the games that I buy I'd say most of the Indies end up being timeless. They will always be a joy to play be it 10 or 30 years from now. Something like BFV tho? Visually it's beautiful at 4k but no one cares about it after just a few months.

That is why what we playing is more important than what that power makes capable visually. What we need to see is thst power being used to enhance the games we play in a meaningful way. For example more NPCs on screen is something that made the blending mechanic in AC possible. That's what we need more of.

Samus707295d ago

Viewtiful Joe is an actual revival that we NEED. The unique film-based, time manipulation mechanics were a revelation in a sidescroller and the difficulty should appeal much more broadly today than it did back then, thanks to Cuphead/Souls fans who appreciate tough but fair design (plus, the game journos would fail miserably during their coverage of it, which is always a comedy goldmine).