World War Z Devs Wanted the Game to Mirror Left 4 Dead Since There’s No New L4D Coming Anytime Soon

Saber Interactive wants to create an experience that will "mirror" Valve's Left 4 Dead given there's no upcoming L4Ds coming in the pipeline.

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isarai1123d ago (Edited 1123d ago )

Well here's hoping, It's a void in the industry no one has quite been able to fill. Though warhammer Vermintide comes VERY close

antz11041122d ago

God I want this game to be good.

Sam Fisher1122d ago

I seen 1 review for it being a 9.5/10, but i havent seen more reviews yet

ApocalypseShadow1123d ago

Sounds good to me. The game has potential.

excaliburps1123d ago

Same. I kinda dismissed it as another licensed game, but seeing the classes video and some gameplay kinda rekindled my faith. Here's hoping it delivers.

nucky641122d ago

yea, the classes video got my hopes up too.

SublimeStylee21123d ago

Huh?, Earthfall is the best left 4 dead clone, it's actually better then left 4 dead in my opinion.

Hungryalpaca1122d ago

Earthfall sucks. What are you talking about?

SublimeStylee21122d ago

Please explain to me what left 4 dead offers compared to earthfall, aside from couch coop? Its leaps ahead of left 4 dead. You are either insanely naive or have never played it.

KillBill1122d ago

@SublimeStylee2 L4D had an AI Director that Earthfall is seriously in need of. It allowed a dynamic feel to the game and gave L4D a replay value that really isn't present in Earthfall. It controlled both enemy placement and weapons and such as well as having a music Director that dynamically staged the music to the situation.

Earthfall characters simply were not endearing in the least compared to L4D. It is like each character is simply a generic filler with no real personality to them. L4D you actually cared when someone didn't reach the extraction point. When their dedication showed up in the level credit you actually felt bad. Earthfall at no point felt like you were a group of people surviving an alien invasion... it felt like you were in a video game playing and trying to simply get to the next level. No immersion for Earthfall.

Enemy in Earthfall simply died with little fanfare. Maybe an arm or leg fell off but little more than that. (other than the exploding aliens that splattered themselves across the environment) L4D the gib system just had flying body parts all over the place. Much more enrgetic confrontations. Earthfall simply was shooting at nice looking pixels with little experience feedback from a kill.

To sum it up... Earthfall for sure really had nothing that lived up to the sensation you experienced in L4D when a smoker grabbed your teammate and the music started pumping and everyone rallied to save the victim. Or that sense of dread when you are walking into a new area and suddenly you hear that crying of a witch nearby.

Earthfall... was just a mediocre L4D.

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The story is too old to be commented.