Streets of Rage 4: New Screenshots Revealed

Streets of Rage 4 proved to be a very pleasant surprise when it was announced earlier this year. DotEmu's sequel is being crafted by Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap developer Lizardcube as well as Guard Crush Games, makers of Streets of Fury.

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isarai298d ago (Edited 298d ago )

HOLY CRAP! it has improved quite a bit! I can see they've done some more passes over the art adding detail since they first showed it off.

I'm wondering why they are so hush hush about the soundtrack? i'm hoping it's because Yuzo Koshiro is the composer and just doesn't have anything fully completed yet. but part of me fears it's because they fear backlash for having some other random composer(s)

darthv72298d ago

Yeah that looks really slick. I love that comic book hand drawn look.

Sono421297d ago

Honestly this style looks amazing! I don't get why people are so upset by it.. just preference I guess.

Godmars290298d ago

Isn't that clip just from the teaser? Still beautiful and all but nothing new.

And I still want to see a GG side scroller along the same lines.

diesoft297d ago

YES! I was thinking, "Wow, this is looking pretty decent!"

If it's not Yuzo, then I hope they get the it just right. Soundtrack was what helped draw me in. Great game but good game soundtracks made me keep coming back more, too.

Luca_the_writer297d ago

It does look good; but I still fear games have lost the charm they had in the Nintendo/SNES, Genesis, and even N64 era.

CorndogBurglar297d ago

Games did lose that charm. No question about it.

But the great thing is that some developers are fantastic at recapturing that charm when making these retro style games.

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Einhander1971298d ago

Looks ok still not convinced by the graphical style though. Still can’t beat the pixel art from the originals for me. But will have to wait and see, the Takeover still looks better check that out!!

darthv72298d ago

The takeover is also good but I'm a bit miffed that pelikan13 seems to have stopped development on 90's Super GP (formerly 90's arcade racer). I know that Nicalus is supposed to publish it but it is taking so....... long. It should have been out years ago. Clearly he has a passion for Sega inspired projects but man... he just needs to finish them. the racer was in development long before the takeover.

gangsta_red298d ago

I'm seriously in love with the HD pixel style art these retro type games are incorporating.

isarai298d ago

Not pixel art at that point, it's just art/ like cel animated art

gangsta_red298d ago

Oh, I was under the impression it was the same way the new Wonder Boy and Shantae game was done.

isarai298d ago

well yeah it is, but pixel art literally refers to an image so low res that you literally build it pixel by pixel, and each one has to be taken into account. something at this point is literally drawn like you would a cartoon. as was Wonderboy and Shantae. end result is still digital, but they are made very differently

Shuckylad298d ago

Fingers crossed for this one. I still remember going to my mates house way back in the early 1990’s to play his mega drive and him excitedly showing me this new game “streets of rage”. We played it in co-op all day until we finished it. Truly great experience in its day.

CorndogBurglar297d ago

I had Streets of Rage 1-3 on my Genesis. Without question SoR1 was awesome when it came out. But 2 and 3 totally blew it away. The graphics and sound were so much better. They were on a whole other level.

But hey, they couldn't have gotten to 2 and 3 without 1 being great!

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The story is too old to be commented.