What's Coming to Sea of Thieves in 2019?

Sea of Thieves Hub writes: "As we close off 2018 and edge closer to Sea of Thieves’ 1 year anniversary, we’ve compiled a list of confirmed additions, previously delayed updates, and rumoured features to take a look at what may be coming in 2019."

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orbital711022d ago

Crackdown 3, everyone is laughing at it, you just watch how great this game will be, i always rem seeing the 1st one demo bundled with halo 3 beta, i forsee this will be the game that will bring back some kudos to xbox, and no.. im not baba yanga..

VenomUK1022d ago

I'd love a single player adventure.

PhantomS421021d ago

MS is making the same mistake with Crackdown 3 that they did Sea of Thieves, overhyping it. I'm sure Crackdown 3 will be fine but they are pushing the hype for the game way higher than it should be when the general gaming community does seem that excited for it. MS is forgetting that the only reason 1 and 2 were so popular was that they came with beta codes for highly anticipated games. LIke SoT a lot of the players will play it on Games pass which, I'm sure by the release will be on sale for $1 like it is fairly often, rather than buy it outright.

Vasto1021d ago (Edited 1021d ago )

Overhyping Crackdown 3 how?

They hardly even talk about it or show anything and the game releases in less than 2 months.


timotim1021d ago

You guys have to make up tour minds...first its all "Microsoft is scared to show off Crackdown 3", now youre telling us they are overhyping it...which one is it??? Cant win no matter what they do I guess.

Vasto1021d ago

Please add a 3rd person camera option!

timotim1021d ago

Agreed. No point in investing the game's cosmetics if we cant actually see our characters during gameplay.