PS5 And Next Xbox Unlikely To Get Pushed Back To 2021, Says Pachter

Industry analyst Michael Pachter says it's unlikely either Sony or Microsoft will wait that long to release their next consoles.

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isarai51d ago

How can they be "pushed back" when they haven't even been announced yet

sinspirit50d ago

I just want Pachter banned from this site. I never hear anything constructive or smart. Just common sense in a headline, captain obvious quotes, and impossible untruths(like the "he's not wrong.." meme).

rainslacker49d ago

He does sat some smart things sometimes. Often in fact. It's just they always pick the stupidest thing he says, usually which is obvious, or wishful thinking with console war undertones, and that's what people discuss.

Not that him being banned would be bad, because realistically, anything we talk about that he says has already been said by fan boys most of the time.

traumadisaster49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

I don't think you have a full understanding of how these headlines work...pac doesn't set a press conference and notify the media that he has a statement to make, get to the podium and say x, y, z, fill in the headline.

He is in the midst of a 20 min discussion that has context and themes BUT then gamingbolt pulls one phrase and sticks it in the title for clicks (and people like you, on que, spout off about his remarks).

Btw another area you may want to invest some research and thought is with your "banned" comment, that actually is what's important here. No he's not being banned, you are not being banned and I'm not fucking being banned, cause we have freedom of speech. So gtfo ever considering banning for free speech.

In addition if you would like to hear his entire thought expressed in context you could check out his weekly yt 20 min he does, he's descent and even delves into some whiskey conisour talk.

sinspirit48d ago


You don't understand freedom of speech. This site is privately owned. Go ask HipHopGamer to post something here.

lxeasy49d ago

here's the next prediction by pacther, (the next xbox and ps will be more powerful than current gen)............

rainslacker49d ago

Because forum warriors know when stuff will be released?

kevnb49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

Because they have already, just not to the general public. People in the know are under ndas, but we get leaks every now and then. do some searching and you can find some details.

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Spurg51d ago

The next xbox will launch with Halo infinite which will drop in 2020.

Obscure_Observer51d ago


I think the next Xbox will be released in 2021 with new unannounced games from Microsoft´s new studios.

lxeasy49d ago

im gonna have to disagree with you on that one @obscure. I do not think Xbox will allow ps to release a full year ahead of them. and vice versa.

NarutoFox49d ago

I suggest the next Xbox should launch before the PS5.

mkis00749d ago


I dont think they care anymore seening as how all games will be forwards and backwards comparible aparently

rainslacker49d ago (Edited 49d ago )


There is some merit to releasing new ips on new hardware, so it's not out of the realm of possibility. Many people are open to new things in a new gen, usually because of the slimmer pickings of games available, and those games getting added marketing time because of the console marketing.

Every gen sees a few new ips around a console launch window. Things like ryse, knack, SSOD or the order(which was originally a launch game), probably does better in that time frame compared to when there are more choices, because people want games to play on their new system, and early adopters buy more games. That can help establish new ips.

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49d ago
DEEBO51d ago

Can't wait and I won't wait.
Looking into to buying another gaming PC, Love being able to play games with 60fps or better.

CorndogBurglar50d ago

Well if you don't already have a gaming PC capable of running games with 60fps or better then you already have been waiting, no?

Euphemism50d ago

#metoo ... oh wait I don't gaf. Enjoy playing WoW for another 20 years, then you're able to play WoW Classic classically... or kaunther straight or LoL or insert Asian mmorpg... so many exclusives. .KKrieger ....

Segata50d ago

So he just confirmed 2021 launch then right? If Patcher says it. The opposite is true.

ImGumbyDammit49d ago

1202 is the reverse of 2021. The opposite (or additive inverse) is -2021

Razzer49d ago

So I'll predict both consoles to be released February 31st, -2021 cuz.....math.

FinalFantasyFanatic50d ago

Was about to say this, ok guys, pen it in, Patcher says it won't release 2021, which means it will release then.

stefan_77149d ago

Sony confirmed that months ago

Gwiz50d ago

2021 seems unlikely to begin with for Sony,knowing 2019 has some heavy hitters coming it makes sense when they'll release their new system at the end of 2020 (they usually release them in the Fall).

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