Brawler UPPERS Rated M By ESRB For PlayStation 4

The Japanese brawler is probably coming soon to PS4, featuring improved visuals and 60 FPS.

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isarai759d ago

OMFG YEEESSS!!! Imported the vita version but can't get very far because i can't understand the bonus objectives around the levels (given it's in japanese) but i love the hell out of the gameplay. Please don't censor this Sony, it's comically adult humor is what gives this game it's charm.

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natalia1758d ago

I think censor may not be necessary. Kids today only play fortnite. They don't know any fighting games. haha

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tulholdren758d ago

When it drops will grab day 1.

LiViNgLeGaCY758d ago

Whoa. I just watched some gameplay on YouTube. I want this game NOW!!