One month into the 'Smash Ultimate' release, I'm back to playing 'Smash 4'

Within the 'Smash Ultimate' release month, I've enjoyed my time playing the latest Nintendo brawler, but it has left a lot to be desired.

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Kabaneri1003d ago

Smash 4 was the worst one for me honestly.

PapaBop1003d ago (Edited 1003d ago )

Nah, Brawl holds that accolade in my eyes.

EddieNX 1002d ago

There hasn't been a bad Smash, ever. They're all outstanding.

This guy playing Smash 4 instead of Ultimate is just stupid though because Ultimate is literally better.

Michiel19891002d ago

@eddie and calling someone stupid because they like something else than you makes you .....what exactly?
I love me some ultimate, but so far I like smash 4 more because its way more combo heavy, I know its early on and chars are not figured out, but the increased knockback wont allow for as much combos as in smash 4.

Vegamyster1003d ago

I played it for a few weeks and was done, SP content was non existent and pace was way too slow for any decent competitive play.

RizBiz1003d ago (Edited 1003d ago )

Me, too, since it completely obliterated my favourite character (Zelda/Sheik). Now Ultimate is out with "every character," except my favourite. F*cking bullsh*t.

-Foxtrot1002d ago


I think it was because he was split between doing the Wii U version and also the 3DS he's not been very well over the years so I don't know why he decided to take more work on.

Imagine what Smash 4 could have been if he just dedicated himself to the one version

The 10th Rider1002d ago

So much of the work seemed needless too. IMO they could have completely left out custom moves, Mii fighters, and stage builder and I wouldn't have thought any less of the game. I like having a stage builder but the one in Brawl was much easier to use.

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Kainbrightside1003d ago

Ladies and gentleman I've found one of the 13 million owners of the Wii U (I'm also one of them)

instantstupor1003d ago (Edited 1003d ago )

Hi friend! We're few and far between, us Wii U owners.

Side note: Doesn't it suck that Nintendo is only really providing value to Switch owners who didn't already own one of our relics? It has Wii-U-port-itis, and woe be unto you if you don't like Pokemon or Smash lol. I would love a reason to fire up my Switch again here soon.

Chocoburger1003d ago

I own two Wii U's... whats my prize?


I still have my wii u! but now its nestled inside my Wii U kiosk i got from gamestop when i used to work there!

EddieNX 1002d ago

13 million is still a large number , just saying.

Kainbrightside1002d ago

Very true I just didn't know anyone in my personal life who had one so it's always nice to find people who had one

The 10th Rider1002d ago


Yeah, I know exactly person, other than me, who owned a Wii U.

With the Switch I already know 8 people other than me that own one.

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