PlayStation Plus Jan 2019 offer - Asia

PlayStation®Plus January offers are coming to PlayStation®Store on 10th January and will end on 6th February. PS Plus members, it’s time to check out the free games and extra contents that you will be able to enjoy below!

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isarai88d ago

Division? no thanks, sounds terrible but i'd MUCH rather have portal knights than the Division

porkChop88d ago

Steep could have been replaced with The Division. That would have been better, especially with the sequel coming out.

TGGJustin88d ago

More people have played the Division then they have Steep including myself. I actually prefer getting it since I haven't played it yet.

porkChop88d ago

That's fair. I just don't remember many people actually being interested in Steep, which is why most people haven't played it. It just seems like an odd choice to start the year off with.

sampsonon87d ago

Speak for yourself. I am really getting tired of open world games like the Division.
Can't wait to play Steep with some buddies.

MoshA87d ago

I blacklisted Ubisoft, EA, Activision and Bandai Namco long ago :)

excaliburps87d ago

To each their own. :) I really had a blast with The Division, and Ubisoft is known to support their games for a loooong time. Granted, they're moving on to The Division 2, but first one was good. Aside from bullet sponge enemies, it was fun crafting armor and guns, and farming for good loot.

rob-GP87d ago

They got Portal Knights last month - we'll probably get the Division next month

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IamTylerDurden188d ago

While i acknowledge The Division is a big game i'd rather have Portal Knights. Steep, Portal Knights, Fallen Legeon, and ZOE is actually a good list to me.

blackblades88d ago

Dont care its deja vu with these articles

87d ago
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