World War Z Developer Wanted to Make Multiplayer Mode for Days Gone, Sony Said No

World War Z developer Saber Interactive revealed to have contacted Sony about adding a multiplayer mode to Days Gone. Sony refused, though.

World War Z is almost in polish mode, according to the developers, who hope to arrange a beta test soon.

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ccgr1128d ago

Hope to try the beta

-Foxtrot1128d ago

Yeah let’s not complicate the development with how long it’s taken to come out along with delays

Alexious1127d ago

True, it would have been a big risk to add multiplayer late in development.

-Foxtrot1127d ago (Edited 1127d ago )

Exactly. Then things might go wrong, internal conflict, money being spent on a outsourced second team when it could go into the main team, might end up being on and on

Literally no point this late on.

RangerWalk2671127d ago

God forbid Sony would add an element of replayability to some of their games. Don't get me wrong, I loved God of War and Horizon zero Dawn... But I sold them once I completed them.

jaycptza1127d ago

God forbid SONY stay fiscally responsible. This game obviously is way over budget.

NarutoFox1127d ago (Edited 1127d ago )

I'm glad it doesn't have a multiplayer mode

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DaDrunkenJester1127d ago

I mean, it would be by a different dev, I don't think it would have effected what Bend is doing... it essentially would have just been World War Z in Days Gone since both feature massive hordes of fast moving human eaters. I think it would have been a good addition to have in the Days Gone package.

Atticus_finch1127d ago

A different dev is what makes it worst. Different ideas and different code from the very beginning. If you watch footage of both games you will see they achieve hordes of zombies by different methods.

DaDrunkenJester1127d ago


Well obviously if there was an agreement then they would have ended up using the same tech. There are plenty of games that out source the MP to another dev.

DarXyde1127d ago

Probably not a good idea to let too many chefs make the soup.

jaycptza1127d ago

Money, it cost Money to make games. Unless they were going to do it for free?

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chiefJohn1171127d ago (Edited 1127d ago )

Just delay the mp not the game. Missed opportunity Imo.

XiNatsuDragnel1128d ago

It's better for a new IP in pre-Alpha but don't complicate things make it simple

slate911127d ago (Edited 1127d ago )

Denying a devs vision. Unfortunate when this happens. Im sure the delays didnt help their case.

pody1127d ago

They aren't the developer of Days Gone, Bend Studio is.

Araragifeels 1127d ago (Edited 1127d ago )

Yes, yes, let Ignorance flow through you.

2pacalypsenow1127d ago

It’s a different studio wanting to add multiplayer and possibly delaying the game further.

yoshatabi1127d ago

It's not the devs though

The Wood1127d ago

My lol adds nothing to the conversation but it seems you were trying to paint a negative picture .

If the direction was sp then stay true and don't tack mp on. As DaDrunkenJester said these things can be added but uncharted 2's mp was part of the project from early, tlou too. Let's get a good game before we add mp

elazz1127d ago

Reading is difficult? Many already pointed out that they're not the devs. In order for next time to not write a blatant lie in every sentence please make sure you clearly understand the matter.

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LG_Fox_Brazil1127d ago

Game was designed as a single player experience. Sony wants to stay true to it. Good.

ClayRules20121127d ago

Yeah, I’m glad Sony stayed true to it being a single player experience only.

DaDrunkenJester1127d ago

I mean, uncharted started out as SP only, but added it in the sequel. Plus it would have been done by an outside dev letting Bend fully focus on their SP mode

DaDrunkenJester1127d ago

Agreed. I just got thinking about how cool a co-op L4D mode would be in DG.

DaDrunkenJester1127d ago (Edited 1127d ago )

Nothing wrong with having a seperate MP mode. Uncharted and TLoU both have MP modes, and they are well known for great stories. So having both is possible.

ClayRules20121127d ago

Yeah, i get what your saying. Having both is possible. And Uncharted and TLoU have been thankfully successful at delivering on both gaming experiences in SP & MP. But that doesn’t mean DG would’ve been successful at having both, a good SP campaign & good MP Mode. Sometimes it’s best to just let certain gaming experiences be left as what the publisher/dev’s intended the vision for the game to be.

And SP was that for Days Gone.

ClayRules20121127d ago

Yeah, that’s true. I get what your saying. And I’m glad ND decided to add MP alongside the SP in Uncharted 2. It was a blast to play. And I wouldn’t be against DG at some point having a MP Mode. But I personally think it’s good that all the attention, money & resources are currently being poured into the SP campaign for this new iP. If it turns out to be a really well made game all around, with a good SP campaign, move up and allow a MP in a sequel to be done.

chiefJohn1171127d ago (Edited 1127d ago )

Adding a mp mode changes nothing about the sp experience. Plus it's a whole different studio so it would have 0 effect on the SP mode. All this would've did was add replayability and potentially make the game even greater

akaFullMetal1127d ago

What it would've done is made the game more expensive to make than it already is and would of delayed it even more. Cleary Sony wants this game out before they move on the ps5.

chiefJohn1171127d ago

Delay the mp like red dead did. You don't have to delay the entire game