Game Freak is Looking to Outdo Themselves in 2019

Andrew M writes: "Game Freak is looking to outdo themselves in 2019, as the company's Director, Shigeru Omori, stated they will push hard to do even better."

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Bleucrunch290d ago

An actual pokemon RPG that we ALL about taking their time to do what has been asked for over a decade now.....seems ridiculous its taking so long. The community will have the last say when they do release something to the masses...looking forward to seeing it.

Town is also an interesting looking game....I will definitely be looking more into that.

PhantomS42290d ago

Somehow went over my head that Town was made by them but it does look interesting. I would love a sequel to Tembo.

McMahonme7290d ago

Haven't seen enough from Town yet to be completely sold tbh. It's Game Freak though so I expect it to at least be solid quality, even if the concept isn't for me.

princejb134290d ago

im curious to see what else game freak has thats not pokemon.
Can they do a action game or shooting game, etc.

McMahonme7290d ago

Tembo the Badass Elephant (Platform, side-scrolling), HarmoKnight (Rhythm, platformer), and Drill Dozer (Action/Platform) are the only other noteworthy Game Freak games made that I am aware of. They all did average/above average. It'll be interesting to see how they do with an RPG outside of Pokemon though.

Segata290d ago

Pulseman on SEGA Genesis is an action game from Game Freak.

Relientk77290d ago

I want to see more from their Town game.

McMahonme7290d ago

As I said above, I'm not hooked yet, but it is something I will be keeping an eye on.

King_Noctis290d ago

That Town game looks amazing. Can’t wait to see more of it.