Study debunks bad gamer image

People who play video games have better family lives, are more social and make more money than people who do not, according to two new studies.

The Canadian and American studies dispel stereotypes surrounding gamers -- largely that they are solitary, overweight teenagers who are wasting their time. According to the Canadian study, one in two Canadians can be considered a gamer, having actively played video games within the past month.

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ape0075216d ago (Edited 5216d ago )

videogames makes life easier

like when I get back from school,am too tired,I want to refresh my mind,play the game,have some fun,after that I feel like life is new,fresh,it's like starting a new game save in real life,so imo videogames is part of my life

I can't live without them tbh

article like this give me a great feeling why I play games,it makes me feel proud,I want everyone to know the truth about gamers,you know some people see me crazy and stupid when I sit down for 4 hrs on a game,they say"go out get a life",this just get on my nerves

n4g gamers,your hobby is the best,feel proud about playing,love all games,be happy,peace,we should unite together to give a good image about,no to fanboyism,fanboyism make us look like stupid ,retarted kids


mabreu5216d ago

Fanboy's and fangirls need to get a life. Unless your under 12 years old and have nothing to do but bash others. Also, gaming is an expensive hobby so people who play games must have jobs.

Rourker5216d ago

I mean all the young gamers when video games were coming out are now in their 40's at least and there is no doubt that most of them still play, and now their kids do, in 10 - 15 years I'm guessing around %80 of the North American population will be a "gamer". Gamer in the sense of this article though, as in played a video game in the last month. The ratio of "harcore" gamers to "regular" gamers will drop though.