Microsoft renewed Lost Odyssey brand and other licenses related to the IP

Microsoft renewed all the brands related with Lost Odyssey past September this year.

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RealOldGamer58d ago

Very cool. Love the original, hopefully this means a sequel is coming.

Sonyslave358d ago

I remember reading an article saying the creator of this game is developing a new game.

RealOldGamer58d ago

Cool. Hopefully its a sequel and not a new IP.

Brave_Losers_Unite58d ago


I disagree. New IP or sequel is fine

Imalwaysright58d ago

You got disagrees but you're right

Don't know if this means that he is making Lost Odyssey 2 but whatever he's making, hopefully isn't a mobile game and is a proper JRPG.

Obscure_Observer57d ago

Hell yeah! Xbox is getting better and better! Good job Phil!

mikeslemonade57d ago

This is literally the last jrpg that I liked. I would get LO2 on PC.

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lxeasy58d ago

This is exciting news, I enjoyed the first. Finished it for the first time on Xbox One via BC when it was on Games with Gold

Lonnie1858d ago

Dude this is obviously what they will be having Ninja Theory working on...what a waste.

Mystogan57d ago

Huh? JRPG is not exactly up Ninja Theories alley...

So what do you mean obviously?

-Foxtrot58d ago

Finally. The first one was amazing, the true Final Fantasy 13 of last gen

Just a shame they did nothing with it sooner, I wish Hironobu Sakaguchi didn't have beef with Ken Kutaragi as being multiplatform might have gotten a sequel out earlier.

gamingunited58d ago

Wait, don't get ahead of yourself, companies renew their licenses when they are about to expire all the time. That's a long way from saying a new game is being made.

-Foxtrot58d ago



CorndogBurglar58d ago

This is 100% true. Otherwise they lose full control of their own IP's. Even if you don't have plans to do anything with them, you would still want to have control.

Obscure_Observer57d ago


"Wait, don't get ahead of yourself, companies renew their licenses when they are about to expire all the time."

That´s true. Deep Down comes to mind.

"That's a long way from saying a new game is being made."

"A long way" is kind of a stretch. Sakaguchi has a great relationship with Microsoft and, expressed his desire for sequels for both Lost Odyssey and Blu Dragon. I trust Phil Spencer to make it happen.

gamingunited57d ago (Edited 57d ago )


It's funny because the only people who bring up Deep Down anymore are Xbox fans.

The thing is you xbox guys always talk big about Japanese games to further your console wars battles, but then when games come out you don't buy them. It's just talk like Nier when that was announced for xbox you guys were talking it up like crazy then no one bought it. The reality is xbox owners don't buy Japanese games. That's why this his new game won't be an xbox game, because xbox owners aren't really going to buy it, it's just talk.

But how about if I just add this to my bookmarks hotbar and I'll bring this up when Sakaguchi announces his new game.

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Brave_Losers_Unite58d ago

Final Fantasy 13 sucked so idk what youre getting at

-Foxtrot58d ago

That’s my point

It sucked and Lost Odyssey filled that role

Godmars29058d ago

"Lost Odyssey filled that role."

Given that few played it, that overall it failed to have any real impact except for being on the Xbox, no it didn't.

More to the point, not really knowing what MS plans are regarding game development while not giving up on the idea of GaaS, would not expect this to be a 100% good thing.

coolbeans58d ago

You're twisting the intentions of his Foxtrot's words to rebuke the point. It's quite obvious that "filling a role" in this case is connected to the idea of getting the classic Final Fantasy 'fix' where the main FF games went astray--either in respect to aesthetics, narrative, or gameplay (most obviously).

Taking the sales route to invalidate the point has become as banal as ukulele overuse from new indie bands.

Godmars29058d ago

Sales and the fact that nothing of significance has been done with the IP are the only true measures to regard it. That Sakaguchi made it just says Sakaguchi made it.

If MS does make a new game but hand it off to a new studio, then what does that do? What value would it have as a FF game?

Hotabang58d ago

@Godmars290 stop, you are making yourself look worse by each post XD

Godmars29057d ago (Edited 57d ago )

As someone who declares "The Emperor Has No Clothes" on a sadly increasingly regular basis, having been called out as both PS and Xbox fanboy and receiving some of the the most idiotic/threatening PMs, a few latter apologies, I've gotten use to it.

And the true point here is that only MS can prove me wrong by actually doing something. And even then when DMC5 is getting MTs and the Beyond Good and Evil "sequel" requires a constant online connection when they've been one of the leaders in such things. Not to mention MS have adamantly been against SP/RPGs even when announcing support for them. Revoked that support as soon as announce it.

coolbeans57d ago

Sales and the fact that nothing of significance has been done with the IP are the only true measures to regard it. That Sakaguchi made it just says Sakaguchi made it. "

It's like you've done nothing to rebut my response or Foxtrot's original intention in order to just pound your fists down once more. That LO 'only' made close to 1 million sales and didn't receive a sequel just says something about its iffy financial state which, AGAIN, wasn't the drive behind Fox's 'the true Final Fantasy 13 of last gen/filled a role' declarations to begin with.

-"And the true point here is that only MS can prove me wrong by actually doing something."

If that's the stance then you've really lost the plot and are just content with digging your heels in more than anything else. I mean...this demand seems so foreign in the context of what we're talking about. This whole branch of the conversation is about LO's mechanical/gameplay success compared to that of the FF13 games of the previous gen (according to certain fans). As far as what I've heard from various FF fans, there is more in line here with what the 'classic' FF's accomplished for them back in the day.

To be contorting the whole conversation to fit YOUR revised standard of what 'filling a role' means in this context is what's getting you in hot water. And to carry this presumptuous attitude of when you'll be considered 'wrong' in this discussion looks all the more embarrassing.

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SolidGear358d ago

Looks like we have some Grinches in this comment section with the downvote button, lol

Donnie8158d ago

There’s always grinches in the Xbox comment section on n4g

SegaGamer58d ago

Very true. It's gotten stupid just how much every comment on an Xbox article is getting downvoted.


Very true and I’ve noticed the mods don’t do anything about the trolling on Xbox articles. I wonder why that is...

bluefox75558d ago

Wouldn't mind a remaster of the original.

kevnb58d ago (Edited 58d ago )

doesnt really need it (although I'm not sure what a remaster even is, other than a marketing term), just bump up the resolution and it will look amazing. Even at 720p it pushed the 360 past its limits, on the xbox one s/x its a very nice experience even today!

bluefox75558d ago (Edited 58d ago )

I'd be happy with a PC version so I could play it at 60fps. Even the X version has minor frame dips below 30.

mcstorm58d ago

I do wonder if Microsoft look at original xbox games played on the Xbox one and via game pass to look at what ips to bring back from the original xbox and 360 days. Intresting times for the Xbox and I do wonder how many new and returning ips we will see.

ShadowWolf71258d ago

Every company does this unless they want a property going Public Domain though. Doesn't necessarily mean too much.

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