The Best Looking Games of 2018

Graphics play a major role in games, and as such should be celebrated. These are the best looking games of 2018.

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MoshA647d ago

Nothing on PC comes close to God of War. So happy PC gamers are being exploited by Nvidia. Hope they keep prioritizing frame rates over good games.

starchild646d ago

Hahaha suuuure. You guys are funny. So anti-PC, but somehow we're supposed to believe you all have gaming PCs.

ClayRules2012646d ago (Edited 646d ago )

I'm personally not "anti PC" but some PC gamers are really full of themselves. I'd like to know if the ones that claim they can play this game or that game on their PC with Ultra/Max settings really can.

Eonjay646d ago

Nvidia is anti competitive and anti consumer. This has nothing to do with PC. To support them is to bend over and beg for it before you are even asked and break down in tears when they reject you. You could just spit in your own hand and snack yourself in the face. It's a similar thrill for people who relish having zero self respect.

MasterCornholio646d ago (Edited 646d ago )

I own a gaming PC and I agree that GOW surpasses many high end PC games in terms of visuals. Though Mosh saying that nothing comes close is an exaggeration in my opinion.

As for what Eonjay says even though I have a 1070TI in my PC I do agree that Nvidia has some pretty shady business practices especially where there New RTX line is concerned.

Razzer646d ago (Edited 646d ago )

Agree with MasterCornHolio. My PC is more powerful than any console. This is a total embellishment. God of War looks amazing and looks better than *most* PC games. Saying "nothing comes close" is absurd.

What "you guys" are you talking about?

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OpenGL646d ago

I don't agree but I do think that nothing on pc looks as good using such finite resources. I have a 1080Ti on my pc and at 4K some games look as good but they're doing it with way more expensive hardware. God of War looks amazing on both of my PS4s.

kevnb646d ago

That I can agree with, nothing looks quite that good using a 750ti.

kevnb646d ago (Edited 646d ago )

You havent been playing on pc if you believe this. Honestly, nothing matches battlefield v with ray tracing on... not even close. The game itself might be disappointing, but its damn beautiful. You guys do this every gen, even late last gen you were trying to say 1080p ultra on pc looked the same as 720 sub 30 fps and low settings that the consoles offered.

starchild646d ago

I still remember when some were claiming that God of War 2 looked better than anything on PC, which was complete nonsense of course, but it doesn't seem to stop such claims every generation. All of the God of War games have been very nice looking games to be sure, but people get carried away in their fanaticism.

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ClayRules2012646d ago

Spiderman is indeed a beautiful game, especially in motion swinging through the city. NYC has never looked better. And Spidey is wonderfully detailed. But I personally wouldn't agree with it being graphically above God of War & RDR2.

Imalwaysright646d ago

Spider man is an open world game and from a technical perspective I consider it to be a superior achievement than GoW. Didn't think that it was possible to have open world games that looked as good as not only Spider man but also Horizon and RDR2 this generation but here they are and with more to come with Ghost of Tsushima.

ClayRules2012646d ago (Edited 646d ago )

I get what your saying, I disagree. But respect your point.

Yeah, it’s amazing to see just how far open world games have come in terms of graphics. Some of them are equally as impressive (graphically) as the smaller big budget triple AAA games. On the topic of Horizon & RDR2, those games especially are “in my opinion” technical marvels. The world and detail/lighting & colors remind me of Pandora/Avatar “James Cameron’s film”

I’m anxious to see the world of Ghost of Tsushima & Death Stranding. Those worlds look marvelous.

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feenix-5646d ago

99% of them are on PS4

Lynx0207646d ago

33% are PS4 only, the rest is multiplatform (these usually runs better on PC). Only one title (8%) is not available on PS4.

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EliteComments123646d ago

i thought tomb raider looked good too!

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