WoW passes 11 million subscribers worldwide

Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. announced today that World of Warcraft, its award-winning massively multiplayer online role-playing game, now exceeds 11 million players worldwide.

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habsfan94656d ago

Thats just cause WoW is a beast game

4656d ago
AliC4656d ago


Just because it's not your kind of game doesn't mean you should attack other players who get some enjoyment from it.

Everyone has different tastes.

robotnik4656d ago

The best and worst thing about Wow is that you can run it in any PC, no matter how good or bad it is, it's a fun game, but only got me hooked for 1 month.

But impressive numbers nevertheless.

Cra1g4656d ago

Gamers that play general video games all the time = hardcore/elite gamers.

Gamers that play WoW all the time = idiots/addicts

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