Battlefield V and Fallout 76 failed to meet sales expectations

"According to the latest research by the company SuperData, EA's Battlefield V and Bethesda's Fallout 76 are nothing but big disappointments when it comes to sale numbers. Both games recorded lower sales than Battlefield 1 and Fallout 4." Altchar says.

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-Foxtrot709d ago


Lack of content


Disrespectful PR

Money grabbing schemes

Serves you both right

HaveSumNuts708d ago

Sales don't tend to meet targets if your games are shit

NewMonday708d ago (Edited 707d ago )

Gamers voted with their wallets

now maybe publishers and developers will listen to us instead of the revenue management department or political meddlers.

mcstorm708d ago

I don't get some developers. BF was gaining on Cod and was the better game but since going to bf4 its lost its way. Developers need to step up now and give us some amazing games again

PowerOfTheCloud708d ago (Edited 708d ago )


The sad thing is though. i could imagine that these morons won't be capable (or don't want) to see that they have f*cked up, but instead in the long run will blame gamers (besides being for women haters, ofcourse) for not being invested enough in those franchises and then they ruin and scrap them completely for not being profitable enough anymore.

On thing is sure. As gamers there are interesting times ahead. Big publishers have gone so far with money schemes and political agendas, that they finally feel enough push back from gamers that it hurts their profits. Now we will have to see if these companies will stick with AAA gaming and behave more gamer friendly or switch to free to play gaming for insane profits. I'm hoping for the first but fear for the latter

Newmanator707d ago

BFV is a great game. I wouldn't have purchased it out of principle but it was a gift.

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Switch4One709d ago

Wow! Could have told you that.

XiNatsuDragnel709d ago

This is what happens when you mess gamers goodwill for too long . Pow right in the kisser

TekoIie708d ago (Edited 708d ago )

Stormy year for these big publishers. You both know what you did wrong so get back to your next project, and make sure you apply what you learnt from this. Don't try and trick and manipulate people, or twist the public perception around your game. You will be caught because on the internet everyone gets caught.

AnubisG708d ago

They don't care. Look at EA, they are more than happy to run developer studios into the ground and now they are doing it to themselves as well.

Bethesda was never able to release a game that isn't riddled with bugs.

They never learn and don't care

yellowgerbil707d ago

Losing 20bil in stock market value will force them to listen. They have angry investors now. Whether they learn from their mistakes is to be seen but expect a lot of changes and layoffs at all big publishers in 2019

elazz708d ago

I remember take two saying that Belgian youth should contact their officials to get back Micro transactions. These companies have no dignity and are too far from reality. Im happy that they fail sales targets and hope this will continue with whoever is putting the art aside and goes full cash grab, beinf disrespectful to people, release broken stuff etc. Let them go bankrupt. It's best for the industry. And let's support those that do good in the industry

ExplodingJuice708d ago

Bankrupt? No. If they go bankrupt then there goes a bunch of beloved franchises.

Hit them where it hurts until they get the point that they cannot keep releasing broken, cash grabbing, manipulative garbage and they release good products again? Yes.

bigmalky708d ago

The licenses would likely be sold off to other publishers to accrue some money. It's not all bad.

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