The year's best role-playing games - RPG of the Year Awards 2018

"2018 has been packed full of incredible RPGs of many varieties so here are the best ones within 9 unique categories." - A.J. Maciejewski from Video Chums

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crazyaejay1002d ago

That's an adventure game.

septemberindecember1002d ago

I think he was making fun of a previous RPG of the year award given to Detroit from another site.

NecrumOddBoy1003d ago

Why is OCTOPATH TRAVELER missing from this list?

VideoChums1003d ago

It almost made it but didn't quite outrank any of the games that we ended up choosing. Incredible game, though!

ChasingTheSun1003d ago

Because it looks like an snes game.

crazyaejay1003d ago

That's a silly thing to say.

King_Noctis1002d ago

Ever heard of the term “art style”?

Segata1002d ago

SNES can run Unreal 4 Engine? Wow, it was way ahead of its time!

NecrumOddBoy1002d ago

Celeste is pixelated and won GOTY awards. OT is brilliant

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Geobros1002d ago

It is funny for me that pokemon won a prize and not octopath. Pokemon is a really bad jrpg....

crazyaejay1002d ago

Perhaps that's why it won "Casual RPG of the Year"?

Octopath isn't a casual RPG.

Spenok1002d ago

Because it's a generic JRPG that get's rather repetitive and boring really quick. I'm at 15 hours and SLOGGING through it. I know several people who quit around that mark too.

The complete lack of interaction between characters and their chapter settings is really unfortunate.

The combat and world are pretty nice though. For what that's worth.

crazyaejay1002d ago

Exactly. It's the most overrated RPG of the year. Maybe they should have had a category for that.

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meganick1002d ago

Odd that Dragon Quest 11 didn’t make the cut. Did the author not play it? It’s quite good.

VideoChums1002d ago

The author of the article didn't decide which games would receive awards. The whole staff did. We reviewed DQXI and weren't blown away by it:

Segata1002d ago

That is the most anemic list one could possibly conjure. Many of those suck. DQXI and Octopath are well above. Not to mention Torna the Golden Country.

crazyaejay1002d ago

None of the games "suck". You just didn't play them.

bluefox7551002d ago

Dragon Quest 11 was easily the best RPG this year, and it's not even on the list.

kalkano1002d ago

Not only that, it didn't even have any real competition. Valkyria Chronicles 4 was the closest, but still a distant 2nd.

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The story is too old to be commented.