Dead Space Sequel Coming, EA Says Casually

You read that right. The game hasn't even been out for a couple of weeks yet and they're already talking about sequels. EA Redwood Shores Studio GM Glenn Schofield came out in an interview with Variety about the title's performance and it's upcoming sequel. Well, he brings it up in passing. He is, of course, discussing a possible Dead Space film...

"We're talking with movie studios right now. We have been all along. The difference with this is we need to go in and say, 'This is not a $10 million movie.' Sure somebody could make it, but that's not what we are looking for. It's an expensive movie. By doing this now, we could have a movie that bridges the gap between the two games." --Variety

The quote comes from a full interview discussing the independent licensed titles that are now hitting the market. They also go into and Army of Two sequel.

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ZmokeR4277d ago

If they do a second game, they really have to renew the feeling of the game, i don't know what it is, but when i play it i don't get scared.

I got really scared from Silent hill 2 and the game (Clockwork) or something to ps1, but this game was more: o no.. not those enemies again, well up with my trusty "slow down spell" and my cutter and lets have some fun.

I think the problem most of the "scary" games are doing now is that its to: Jump out and rush towards you and scream and try to kill you in every way possible, and before im done with you,,, throw 5 more things at the player so he get really scared... hmmm thats not scaring that is just a lot to do and a lot of shooting imo .
THen they can have how mush sound effects they want, or how mutch screams they want, it WONT make it scary (imo) tho.

Make it like Sh2: i mean , make it that you feel all alone in the dark, no weapons (why the hell.. did they place a chaingun in DS?)
Make it only cutter in that case, make it more like you feel you are being watched, and not attacked,(yet) and IF you get attacked , ONE at the time and make it scary, like they sneak up at YOU, or you SEE them coming in the corridor, and you CANT go the other way cause the airlocks is closed, so you have to go towards that creepy thing limping towards you in the darkness.

And the sound,, well it was great in DS but it was 2 much sound (can it be to mush? ) imo, yes it can, there was to mutsh vents sound, scary music effect sound , take all that *** out, make the SILENCE scary. Make it , so silent that when you hear something you hear it and it make your blood turn to ice, i mean, now its like: YOu walk true a corridor, and there is like 5 sounds going on, the vents, the floor, the beep from doors, the heart beat, and then you place the sound of a monster up on that? Scary? No... Def? Yes....
And then you think about this: You walk true a totaly silent corridor, you hear the heartbeat and breath,
(Still keep that one, love the feeling in vacuum)and yea i do understand its monsters on the ship, but ffs they don't have to brake every vent in the hole game. So ,, you go there in the corridor, and suddenly you hear the door close behind you,, you turn around, nothing there except silence, you turn around and see the shadow of something in the light behind a corner limping toward you, scratching the floor so it hurts in your ears, not because its loud, but because its like placing nails on a board in school, and then you see it,, something crawling in the dark towards you, the only thing you have is a cutter and you have to go around it ,, but there is no way around,, something like that...

NOT!: o something coming: well its ok ,, i just take my big as chaingun or big as maxed out cutter and bye bye f** Fa**!

Thats IMO tho.

TheColbertinator4277d ago

That sounds great.But hopefully EA doesn't rush it like they do with other franchises