Gamers use AI Neural Networks to improve the visuals of retro games & the results are incredible

DSOGaming writes: "Resetera’s users have been experimenting with AI Neural Networks in order to improve the visuals of older/retro games. Currently, the users are using the AI to enhance screenshots from some retro games and the results in some cases are astounding."

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Nitrowolf2998d ago

Just more clearer, wouldn’t say “incredible” or “astounding” differences

gamesR4fun998d ago

have you ever looked at picture in low res lets say 640 x 480 blown up?

l33t_haxx0r998d ago

People mock trump over his fake news but he is fucking right lol

Nitrowolf2998d ago (Edited 998d ago )

I take that back
The actually source of the images shows them at different sizes, whereas the article has them as the same size. Loses the effect when they do that

That does look better

I mean it’s still cleaner but the image resolution is upped in the process so it appears not to lose quality or stretch things out

Furesis998d ago

cool i suppose
seems to work best for pre rendered backgrounds etc.
character models look horrible. even the metroid background looks bad just look at the trees. actually all of them looks more cartoonish somehow?
Good thing is it can only get better. this could be interesting

sinspirit998d ago

Imagine using this technology to build entirely new games.

mastershredder998d ago

Articles like this make me hate gamers even though I love to game.

Shinox998d ago (Edited 998d ago )

As much as i hate Resetera / Neogaf so much ..
Let me guess .. you are one of those idiots who just doesn't want to see anything from the past because it "ruins" your HUYPE for your modern shit .. i despise the likes of you that fill the gaming community and i'm sick and tired of how effective you idiots opinion are toward companies because you represent the majority of those corporate slave casuals .

Casepb997d ago

What? You don't "hate" gamers, you just think you're better than them.

Casepb997d ago

Oh wow that's cool as shit. It looks just how I remembered those games instead of pixelated to hell and back.

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