First gaming benchmarks revealed for the NVIDIA Titan RTX graphics card

DSOGaming writes: "The NVIDIA Titan RTX is currently available for purchase at NVIDIA’s website and the first gaming benchmarks have surfaced."

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maybelovehate907d ago

Not a very good benchmark. I know personally I bought my Titan X not because it was so much better at gaming but more because it rendered in Blender way faster. He does say he will have another video about AI and Rendering later but as far as gaming benchmarks go, you can just look at the specs and know it will be a small upgrade. The reason this card has my interest though is that the V does not have the Ray Tracing tech in it so I am more curious to see how this card compares to the V and the RTX2080Ti when it comes to rendering.

mikeslemonade907d ago

You’re right these peasants think anything is overpriced. The demographic for buying this gpu is not for gaming and if they are for gaming they are trying to play at very high resolution greater than 4k and more than one monitor.

maybelovehate907d ago

True, you could probably count on a hand missing fingers the amount of users here who have ever used a high end graphics card let alone a Titan. But yeah, Titan's were always about more than gaming. Don't get me wrong they are awesome for gaming but they were meant for users who would be using them for a lot more.

Stevonidas907d ago

$1300 more for an RTX Titan for 5fps better performance over the already outrageously priced 2080 ti.


Now I gotta change my avatar.

mikeslemonade907d ago

2080ti is not overpriced. You’re a peasant if you think that.

ANIALATOR136907d ago

Anything over £1000 for a single graphics card is ridiculous

FlyingFoxy907d ago

People don't seem to realise how fast the price has risen on the Ti cards, 980Ti was just acceptable.. and since then it has risen basically 2x. Nvidia just push and push with the pricing. Too much influence from Apple, another company that sells overpriced hardware.

Brave_Losers_Unite907d ago

Are we in 2008 when we called gamers peasants?

mikeslemonade907d ago


The 1080ti was like cheaper than than 980ti from what I remember.

Also like anything it goes up. Phones and consoles. The PS5 is probably going to be $500. And games are always gonna be $60. So you commoner she complaining about price gets old.

FPSFox907d ago (Edited 907d ago )

Troll's gonna' troll.

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sander9702906d ago

Who in their right mind would buy this it's such a huge waste of money for nothing, just wait for the next generation cards this series is just a huge scam.

906d ago