Can The Old Republic Take Over the World (of Warcraft)?

Ben Smith of Gamer 2.0 writes:

"If WoW proved that the MMO market could indeed be larger, could another game not do exactly the same thing? Last week Bioware and LucasArts announced Star Wars: The Old Republic, the highly anticipated "sequel" to the Knights of the Old Republic series. This will be the second MMO to be set in the Star Wars universe; however hopes are already higher for this than the 'failure' that was Star Wars Galaxies. With WoW being the behemoth of a game that it is, however, another MMO, regardless of its name or pedigree will do nothing to even put a dent in WoWs vast subscription figures.

Or will it?"

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techwizz4275d ago

Personally, I think it has a much better chance than Star Wars Galaxies, only because Galaxies was kind of an unknown. Nobody knew if it was going to be really good.

This time around we have BioWare working on it. While they've never done an MMO, I've yet to play even a mediocre game from the. I even though Jade Empire was a lot better than a lot of people gave it credit for. JE just kind of had the bad fortune of having to follow the amazing KOTOR.

This time it's BioWare, who made one of the best Star Wars games ever made, with one of the best stories in SW lore, and I'm just sure it's going to be amazing.

blueleopard4274d ago

For just about any other MMO, I would say no way. But there are some things working for it. The star wars name is 1. KOTOR is 2. and 3 is EA. I know they're not officially credited but they did buy BioWare and EA is in big time competition with Activision who owns, that's right, World of Warcraft.

EA/LucasArts/BioWare are definitely gunning for WoW here and they have the mix of development talent and marketing dollars to push it into the stratosphere. I'm definitely going to give it a try and I rarely play MMOs.

AnthonyPerez4274d ago (Edited 4274d ago )

And it justifies their purchase of BioWare so much. The MMO business, if successful is disgustingly profitable because of subscriptions. For example, 10 million subscribers at $15/month is $150 million per month in revenue. That's just disgusting.

TheForgotten0ne4274d ago

I might be really bad in math, but isn't it 150million a month?

AmpedMan4274d ago

I still think...might be untouchable. It's a matter of community. So many people have put so much time, have friends, still run with their crews. I doubt people will be able to switch. WoW is still addictive as hell.

CenturionElite4274d ago

Are there enough star wars fans who don't play WoW to start a community of its own on Star Wars that could make WoW players shift? If it requires that the majority of WoW players decide to join TOR in order for it to take off then it doesn't stand a chance. If it grows its own community first and then WoW people migrate, then it could be huge.

AlexQuevedo4274d ago

I don't know how much of that stuff matters. WoW is popular and huge because its fun, and IMO, I don't think any MMO since it has been able to top it in the gameplay department.

I know a lot of people were disappointed by the art style shown in the TOR screens but I think that the kind of cartoony look allows the game to be very fun and "out there" in the abilities and gameplay mechanics it introduces. That's part of the appeal to WoW, at least for me.

JayTee09024274d ago

I was sucked into WoW for about 2 years and had to force myself to quit. I'm really afraid of Old could do the same to me.

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